TTP Labtech dragonfly discovery automated liquid handling system

Tuesday, 10 July, 2018 | Supplied by: AXT Pty Ltd

The dragonfly discovery is an automated liquid handling system that has been designed specifically for assay development and high-throughput screening (HTS) — two processes that are complicated and time-consuming, but critical in the drug discovery process.

The product addresses these issues and provides a simple-to-use solution that is said to reduce assay development time while at the same time improving assay robustness in screening. It provides researchers with a platform for the easy development, validation and screening of complex assays in a robust manner.

The fully controllable liquid handling system allows users to develop assays for up to 1536-well plates and then to carry out subsequent validation and HTS. The instrument’s versatility and simple yet powerful software make it suitable for hit to lead and lead optimisation, enabling users to use the platform for the entire drug discovery process.

Using up to 10 channels, the user can create complex assay formulations. Each channel is independent, but all can be operated simultaneously resulting in fast and flexible dispensing. The product uses non-contact dispensing from disposable tips, ensuring that there is no cross-contamination between wells.

Accurate dispensing of any liquid is accomplished by positive displacement pipetting, regardless of viscosity. A tight-fitting piston in a pipette barrel aspirates and dispenses the user’s liquids. Careful control of parameters such as distance, rates of acceleration and deceleration of the piston ensure the exact volume of liquid is delivered every time.

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