The Game-Changer in Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals Preservation

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Thursday, 17 August, 2023

The Game-Changer in Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals Preservation

Fluid Air is introducing Australian businesses to the exceptional benefits of low-temperature spray drying. Our technology outperforms traditional heat drying methods by preserving the bioactivity and potency of active ingredients.

A branch of Spraying Systems, Fluid Air champions spray drying technology that is proven to produce superior quality powder. This is achieved by removing moisture at low temperatures within a nitrogen-rich environment. Such a method not only prolongs the shelf life of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals but also safeguards their inherent bioactivity.

Dr. Bogan Zisu, Fluid Air’s Global Research Head, states, “Our technologies are particularly advantageous for heat-sensitive compounds commonly found in drugs and supplements. The low-temperature processing we employ ensures minimal bioactivity loss.”

Fluid Air’s innovative process includes an electrostatic charge during drying, ideal for preserving essential oils and lipid-based compounds present in many nutraceuticals.

Highlighting the nitrogen-rich environment of their drying procedure, Dr. Zisu mentions, “Traditional drying methods often compromise the quality of sensitive pharmaceuticals by using excessive heat. Our approach keeps these compounds intact by using lower temperatures.”

Dr. Zisu sheds light on a study where a nutraceutical company, with a product rich in volatile compounds, witnessed a remarkable retention rate of up to 60% using Fluid Air’s technology. Such effectiveness showcases the potential of Fluid Air’s machinery in revolutionizing the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors.

Enhancing Bioactivity Retention in Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals

The innovative technology developed by Fluid Air was initially conceptualized for a food industry challenge. Yet, its efficacy soon garnered attention from pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers.

Dr. Zisu remarks, “Many nutraceuticals use encapsulation techniques, especially for lipid-based compounds. Our electrostatic spray dryer was co-developed with industry partners to address this need.”

Most pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are presented in powder form due to its compatibility with both water-soluble and lipid-soluble compounds. “Powdered forms are stable, easier to handle, and reduce shipping costs significantly,” Dr. Zisu adds.

The Prominence of Low Temperatures in Spray Drying

For pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, the stability of the active compounds is paramount. Factors like temperature and oxygen levels significantly influence this stability. Dr. Zisu underscores the point, “Our cooler drying temperatures favour the retention of sensitive compounds, thus maximizing the product’s bioactivity.”

Fluid Air’s nitrogen-based method restricts oxygen during processing, boosting the shelf life and preserving the bioactivity of drugs and supplements.

Fluid Air: Pioneering Change in Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals

Recently, the traction from Australian SMEs and start-ups in the pharmaceutical sector has been overwhelming. “Most inquiries are from emerging businesses exploring the benefits of this technology,” observes Dr. Zisu.

For businesses aiming for international markets, Fluid Air’s approach ensures products remain potent throughout prolonged transits, even under varying temperatures.

We can test your product at our facility

We have a fully functioning testing facility at our Melbourne lab. We know you want to see results before making such a large purchase and we can work with you to prove our results before you purchase our Polar Dry technology.

For clients interested in experiencing the prowess of the Polar Dry® technology, Fluid Air, along with Spraying Systems Australia, extends a hands-on approach through their Melbourne Testing Facility. Mark Condro, Fluid Air Business Development Manager, encourages potential clients to explore their technology. He says, “We are confident in the transformative potential of our technology, especially for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors.”

Dr. Zisu concludes by emphasizing the extensive capabilities of their Melbourne lab. “From converting liquid compounds into powder to analyzing pre-drying and post-drying properties, we are fully equipped.”

From targeted pharmaceutical solutions to comprehensive nutraceutical products, Fluid Air’s technology is adaptable, scalable, and exceptionally efficient.

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