Improving efficiency and quality in cell line development

Tuesday, 02 August, 2022 | Supplied by: Capella Science

Scientists at FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies have transformed their cell line development processes through the incorporation of Cyto-Mine, a next-generation single-cell analysis system developed by Sphere Fluidics. The new processes are streamlined, compared with previous workflows, and productivity has been enhanced. Projects are now able to swiftly transition from the initial transfection phase through to development of highly productive cell lines within approximately 10 weeks.

Cyto-Mine is a single-cell analysis platform that enables individual cells to be encapsulated within picolitre-sized aqueous droplets in a biocompatible carrier oil (picodroplets). Each picodroplet provides a controlled, defined and adjustable environment that maintains cell viability. Single cells may be screened with speed and precision while secreted proteins are trapped within the picodroplets, making them easily accessible for characterisation.

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies harnessed this technology to develop a single-step cloning process, designed to remove bottlenecks in the cell development process and improve both accuracy and efficiency.

Multiple procedures and assays within the cell line development pathway are miniaturised and integrated within the platform, allowing tasks that would previously have taken weeks to complete to be undertaken within one day. Approximately 200,000 individual cells can be screened in a matter of hours using this approach, compared with around 10,000 cells with manual analysis techniques. Quality and quantity of molecular product (monoclonal antibody) are also enhanced as screening is now conducted at an early stage so that only cells expressing the protein of interest, and the best-performing cells within this pool, are taken forward in the development process.

Workflows have been significantly shortened, from around 25 weeks to approximately 10 weeks. Importantly, single cells are visualised using the specially designed Cyto-Mine picodroplet imaging technology and monoclonality data can be provided to support regulatory submissions. The complete analytical process is biocompatible and low-stress for cells, which enables high levels of cell viability and cell outgrowth after cloning. The platform is designed using integrated, user-friendly software that requires minimal specialist training to understand and implement effectively.

Overall efficiency and productivity in the cell line and process development team at FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies has been enhanced through the application of Cyto-Mine. Scientists spend less time conducting laborious manual procedures and are able to complete a greater number of projects within a given timeframe. This allows them to apply their specialist skills and expertise to other important aspects of their work.

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies has published a paper detailing the use of Cyto-Mine in the implementation of the company’s routine cell line development regime, which can be found in the Biotechnology Journal. Motivated by the possibilities for Cyto-Mine in enhancing or refining other features of their research, the company’s scientists are now exploring further applications for this technology platform.

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