Beckman Coulter CleanSEQ dye-terminator removal system

Wednesday, 25 May, 2011 | Supplied by: Beckman Coulter Australia

The CleanSEQ system can be used for rapid, high-performance dye-terminator removal based on solid phase reversible immobilisation (SPRI) technology.

The paramagnetic bead format requires no centrifugation or filtration and is easily performed manually or fully automated for high throughput dye-terminator removal. The system produces sequences with longer Phred 20 read lengths and higher signal intensities than any other purification technology for Sanger cycle sequencing clean-up.

It features: long Phred 20 read lengths averaging over 700 bps; pass rates of 85% or higher; increased average signal strength; efficient elimination of sequencing reaction contaminants. The SPRI technology can significantly reduce sequencing costs.

The system produces high sequencing pass rates and average Phred 20 read lengths greater than 650 base pairs. The kit is said to demonstrate superior performance compared with EtOH precipitation, gel filtration and silica-based magnetic reagents and the process delivers higher signal-to-noise ratios and overall signal intensities, longer Phred 20 read lengths and is more reproducible than alternative clean-up methods.

The CleanSEQ protocol does not require precipitation, filtration or centrifugation. The SPRI technology is easily scaled and automation friendly, allowing both high throughput and format flexibility. Optimised software methods for the company’s Biomek Laboratory Automation Workstations are available.

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