InnovaCoat Gold conjugation kit

Friday, 02 March, 2012 | Supplied by: United Bioresearch Products Pty Ltd

The InnovaCoat Gold conjugation kit allows antibodies, proteins and other biomolecules to be covalently attached to ultrastable Gold nanoparticles with simple pipetting operations. The hands-on time for the conjugation procedure is about 2 min and the conjugate is ready to use within 15 min. The conjugation reaction is initiated by adding a solution of the antibody, which becomes attached (via lysine residues) to the InnovaCoat surface.

InnovaCoat Gold products are ‘conjugation friendly’ nanoparticles with a proprietary surface coat that enhances colloidal stability and permits easy covalent attachment of a variety of molecules, including antibodies, analytes and other biomolecules.

In the case of immuno-gold conjugates, the antibody can be attached irreversibly without the need for extensive trials at different values of pH and/or salt concentration, as is typical of traditional ‘passive’ binding methods. In the case of analyte-gold conjugates, the multipoint attachment of the polymer to the gold surface ensures that the analyte is firmly anchored. By contrast, direct attachment of analytes to gold surfaces by self-assembly techniques is far less stable and unwanted desorption is a significant problem.

The nanoparticles can be provided in a variety of formats (eg, 10 OD liquid or as lyophilised nanoparticles) formulated to allow a one-step reaction with antibodies. The kits are designed for research use and for the development of diagnostic products, specifically for the screening of potential antibodies or small-scale ‘proof of principle’ studies.

Features of the conjugates include: enhanced assay sensitivity; covalent linking; protective coat preventing metal-antibody interactions; rapid screening of multiple antibodies for assay development; reduced antibody loading without aggregation; no pH titrations.

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