Pacific Biosciences third-generation PacBioRS DNA sequencing system

Thursday, 24 November, 2011 | Supplied by: Millennium Science Pty Ltd


The Pacific Biosciences third-generation PacBioRS DNA sequencing system incorporates novel, single-molecule sequencing techniques and advanced analytics to reveal biology in real time using its SMRT technology.

The system delivers good sequence read lengths - over a thousand DNA bases on average - and allows users to obtain results in less than a day.

With SMRT technology, the system supports the following applications including targeted resequencing: analyse either a few or hundreds of genes (such as oncogenes) in hours rather than days; De Novo assembly either hybrid or solo assembly - the PacBio long read data allows for lower cost and higher quality when combined with second-generation short read data; identify and characterise pathogens with strain-level resolution for infectious outbreaks, biodefence, food safety and metagenomics; long reads can span an entire RNA molecule and uniquely characterise transcript structure, including splice isoforms and fusion proteins. Pacific Biosciences is currently developing new applications in areas of kinetics, protein- ligand binding, RNA sequencing and more.

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