Applied Biosystems SOLiD Total RNA-Seq Kit

Monday, 07 June, 2010 | Supplied by: Applied Biosystems Pty Ltd

The SOLiD Total RNA-Seq Kit offers a streamlined solution for the construction of next-generation sequencing libraries for either whole transcriptome or small RNA analysis. The optimised kit enables hypothesis-neutral discovery of coding RNA, non-coding RNA, novel transcripts, alternate splicing, small RNAs and isoforms, while maintaining accurate sequence representation and preserving strand orientation.

Whole transcriptome libraries prepared with this kit are compatible with paired-end sequencing on the SOLiD 4 System. In addition, libraries prepared with SOLiD Total RNA-Seq are compatible with SOLiD RNA Barcoding Kits for multiplexing, enabling cost-effective sequencing of multiple libraries on the same slide - maximising throughput while reducing costs.

The SOLiD EZ Bead System simplifies next-generation sequencing workflows by providing an automated solution for reproducible bead preparation with less than 1 h of hands-on time. The system is specifically designed with system modularity and quality control checkpoints for greater experimental control. The SOLiD EZ Bead System delivers a solution for streamlining the sequencing workflow through time savings and support for multiplexed libraries.

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