Epoch multi-volume nucleic acid quantification application note

Nucleic acids isolated from a variety of sample types such as animal models, body fluids or eukaryotic and bacterial cells provide the starting material for a broad range of downstream applications including gene expression, genotyping, sequencing and cloning. Quantification of isolated nucleic acid is necessary prior to introduction into these applications. The Epoch Spectrophotometer System provides a means of obtaining accurate measurement over a wide range of sample concentrations and volumes, including microvolume quantification. Comparison to other microvolume dedicated devices, such as NanoDrop, shows equivalent performance.

The Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer, used with the Take3 plate, makes a system that can provide accurate quantification from microvolume, microplate and 1 cm pathlength cuvettes and BioCell. Microvolume quantification using the microdots of the Take3 plate obviates the need to dilute the isolated nucleic acid samples. Up to 16 samples can be quantified at the same time with the Take3 plate. Comparisons to 1 cm pathlength measurements and to NanoDrop demonstrate an equivalence of analytical performance.

For the full application note, Multi-volume analysis of nucleic acids using the Epoch Spectrophotometer System, click on link.

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