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Monday, 16 August, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.mscience.com.au/

Molecular Devices has developed FlexStation, a scanning microplate reader and fluidics transfer workstation that allows users to obtain real-time kinetic data milliseconds before and after fluid transfer events. The ability to perform microplate-to-microplate transfers, prompt kinetic reads and multi-wavelength detection options offers flexibility for drug discovery or research efforts.

With its integration of optics, fluidics and temperature control, FlexStation is suitable for kinetic, cell-based fluorometric assays such as measuring intracellular calcium, membrane potential and intracellular pH. The FlexStation delivers compounds to, and detects wells of a microplate within milliseconds using an integrated 8 or 16 channel pipettor. Disposable tips eliminate any risk of cross contamination. FlexStation can be used with adherent or non-adherent cell lines.

The dual monochrometer optical bench design enables the user to optimise both the excitation and emission wavelengths for most fluorometric assays by wavelength scanning. The versatility of the monochrometors also enables the use of multi-wavelength dyes.

The FlexStation is suitable for use with a range of proprietary, homogeneous kits to determine membrane potential, intracellular calcium and intracellular pH. No wash, low background and good cellular response ensure quality data with simple protocols. Other assay kits are available for cGMP, cAMP and tyrosine kinase measurement. Alternatively, use the FlexStation as top or bottom read fluorometer for all fluorescent assays with the added benefit of dual monochrometors for optimising assay performance.

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