Nucleic acid extraction from blood

Wednesday, 14 September, 2005 | Supplied by:

Fuji Photo Film has entered the market for nucleic acid extraction with the QuickGene-810. It consists of a compact, space-saving tabletop device (40 x 45 cm) and matching kits for extraction of DNA and RNA. Using this system, DNA can be obtained from whole blood in just six minutes (for eight samples).

The extraction is simple and convenient: the user selects a program and then starts the device. Higher yields can be achieved compared to the traditional methods. Moreover, the DNA obtained is claimed to be purer than with previous methods (glass fibre spin columns or magnetic bead technologies), which can be a decisive factor for use in downstream applications.

The more demanding RNA extraction also becomes faster and more convenient to perform with QuickGene-810. RNA purification from tissue or cultured cells can be completed within 15 minutes (for eight samples).

The key technology that distinguishes QuickGene-810 from comparable products is a new type of porous membrane. Patented by Fujifilm, this membrane selectively binds nucleic acids; centrifugation is superfluous. The extremely thin membrane (80 µm) keeps impurities low; uniformly fine pores and the large binding surface ensure high yield. After washing, the membrane allows a selective elution of the nucleic acids.

QuickGene-810 is currently available with kits for obtaining DNA from whole blood, DNA/RNA from tissue, RNA from cultured cells and DNA from plasmids. Other applications are under development.

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