MGI DNBSEQ-G99 gene sequencer

Thursday, 22 December, 2022 | Supplied by: Decode Science Pty Ltd

MGI Tech Co has launched its DNBSEQ-G99 gene sequencer with mid- to low-range throughput. The ultrahigh-speed sequencer is especially suitable for targeted gene sequencing and small genome sequencing, delivering rapid and high-quality data output. Based on MGI’s DNBSEQTM core technology, the product adopts triangular matrix signal spots on the sequencing flow cell, reaching a high density of data output with an overall throughput of 8–48 Gb per run.

Through high-level integration of the fluid system and reagent optimisation, the sequencing reaction incubation process takes merely seconds instead of minutes. Equipped with self-developed high-performance optical equipment and a high-precision temperature control system, the output time of PE150 sequencing data has been shortened to within 12 h. The device is also equipped with a dual-flow cell sequencing platform which can finish running two rounds of the whole PE150 sequencing process in one day, improving the sequencing efficiency.

The product takes after the dual flow cell design of the DNBSEQ-G400, enabling users to achieve flexible data output on one sequencer while supporting multiple sequencing modes. With flexible selection of two independent sequencing modules and different sequencing read lengths on the same device, researchers can easily cope with the sequencing needs at different time nodes and of different read lengths, improving overall work efficiency. At present, the product supports sequencing read lengths including PE50, SE100 and PE150, while reagent kits with longer read lengths such as SE400 and PE300 will be later developed.

The device is equipped with a simple cassette flow cell and features a larger safe holding area. In addition, it adopts an innovative reagent pre-injection design on the reagent kit, so the preparation of sequencing reagents can be completed with just one press. The reagent kit and cleaning kit come in an integrated design that further simplifies the operating procedures.

The product is available in two models. The first realises the automatic analysis and result output of the original data through the integration of the computing modules, while providing users with secure localised data storage and calculation. The other model solely supports the standardised output of sequencing data and facilitates users in carrying out customised analysis by themselves. The operating interface adopts a clean and concise visual design, allowing the operator to conduct real-time monitoring of the sequencing progress.

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