New device claimed to eliminate mobile-phone hazards

Thursday, 22 February, 2001

A ground breaking invention that prevents mobile phone radiation reaching the ear invented by a UK company. The device looks like, and is used in exactly the same way as a conventional hands-free kit, but an innovative use of an old technique has been used to completely block the radiation from the phone before it reaches the user's ear.

The device was stringently tested by a radio communications testing laboratory and found to emit no radiation at all.

This is a major breakthrough in alleviating the public's anxiety over phone safety - especially for children who, according to a UK government inquiry, are particularly at risk from mobile phone radiation.

The device works by using an acoustic conduit, to convey the sound from the speaker, enclosed in the cylindrical case, to the earpiece. As rubber does not guide microwave radiation the pipe cannot conduct it to the users head.

The inventors filed a patent for the invention in May 2000, which is now in production after 9 months of refining and perfecting the device.

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Item provided courtesy of New Scientist

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