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Monday, 17 December, 2001 | Supplied by: Micromass

The IsoPrime Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (SIRMS) platform is equipped with the PyrOH inlet that is capable of analysing solid and liquid samples. It opens up new possibilities for aqueous D/H ratio investigations where sample size is limited. This advance is made possible with ChromeHD technology, incorporating the MaxChrome reactor.

The IsoPrime PyrOH system provides a strategy for automated online pyrolysis of O and H in organic or inorganic matrixes, including water. The PyrOH system is a single furnace pyrolysis-only unit dedicated to O and H pyrolysis with an integrated liquid automsampler - providing a cost effective solution for the automated determination of D/H and 18O/16O isotope ratios in sample volumes down to 100 nano litres of water.

The measurement of Deuterium/Hydrogen ratios in water, hydrous minerals, fluid inclusion waters, gas, organic hydrogen and ice, etc, enables researchers to read nature's barcode. This natural signature allows the climate record, reaction pathways, bio-geochemistry, precipitation, atmosphere/hydrosphere processes and groundwater movement events to be tracked.

A technology, utilising chromium as a reducing agent, has been developed by Micromass in order to deliver reliable, high throughput D/H analyses without compromising on sensitivity and precision. The PyrOH promises to revolutionise the analysis of D/H of small (100 nano litre) water samples, providing significant advantages over conventional offline Z and U reduction and online carbon-based reduction techniques.

IsoPrime-PyrOH with ChromeHD technology features include: MaxChrome patented chromium packed reactor operating at 1050°C; accuracy and precision of 0.5 per mL; sample size typically 0.5 micro litre; memory effects are negligible over the normal abundance range of samples.

A single reactor will analyse 1000 samples at an injection size of 0.5 micro litre with the analysis time per sample typically 4 minutes. No conditioning time is required for the reactor, a liquid autosampler is standard and chlorinated compounds are readily analysed. The MaxChrome reactor tubes can be used with Micromass' GC, EA and PyrOH IRMS systems.

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