Quadrupole ICP-MS

Monday, 16 June, 2003 | Supplied by: Varian Australia Pty Ltd

Varian has released a sensitive quadrupole ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry) instrument designed to achieve gigahertz sensitivity (1000 million counts per second per ppm of analyte) while delivering improved performance across other criteria. Sensitivity is a key factor in detection limits, and with environmental and other regulations calling for increasingly lower detection limits, ICP-MS is becoming the analysis tool of choice in a number of industries.

Users who require the lowest possible detection limits, including geochemical laboratories, semiconductor manufacturers and their chemical suppliers, as well as users of laser ablation techniques, such as researchers in archaeology, paleontology, and those who preserve historical artworks, will benefit from the system's increased sensitivity. An ion mirror system enables the increased sensitivity of the ICP-MS, effectively focusing all ions, regardless of their mass, into the entrance of the quadrupole, resulting in a transfer efficiency up to 20 times better than that of conventional ICP-MS theory.

This design redirects the ion beam through 90° via a parabolic electrostatic field. Photons and neutrals are a major source of background noise in ICP-MS but because they don't react with the electrostatic field of Varian's ion mirror, they pass immediately through to a turbo molecular vacuum pump. By filtering photons and neutrals away from the mass analyser, background signal is greatly reduced.

The ICP-MS includes software that allows more direct linking to the Internet for fast access to technical support and customer service and also has features to enhance usability, productivity and performance. It features an all-digital detector with up to nine orders of linear dynamic range. Users will be able to determine low and high concentration analytes without the need for dilution and without the need for analog-to-digital conversion.

The Varian ICP-MS also includes a Telediagnostics service which further enhances the ease of use of the system by allowing remote fault diagnosis over a modem line.

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Phone: 03 95607133
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