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Grace Discovery Sciences

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences is a global organisation providing chromatography solutions for flash, analytical, preparative and process applications. A full range of products are available to streamline synthesis, analysis and purification, including chromatographic media, analytical to process scale columns and systems, detection technologies and a variety of accessories to support the scientific process.

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Grace ProVance pre-packed columns

WR Grace & Co has introduced ProVance prepacked Protein A columns for purification of biologic drugs, specifically monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). The columns bring together Protein A resin and a convenient prepacked column format designed specifically for facilities sites that have moved to single-use manufacturing methodologies.

Grace Reveleris Prep purification system

WR Grace & Co has announced the release of the Reveleris Prep purification system - a dual-mode instrument that allows organic chemists, preparative chromatographers and other researchers to perform both flash and preparative liquid chromatography (LC) using a single unit.

Hamilton VisiFerm DO optical sensor for beer

Claimed to be the first standardised 12 mm sensor, the VisiFerm DO measures dissolved oxygen optically using a method based on oxygen-dependent luminescence.

Hamilton Microlab 600 syringe pump

The Hamilton Microlab 600 is a precise syringe pump with a graphical user interface designed to quickly and easily dilute and dispense liquids from 100 nL to 50 mL.

Grace Davison Davisil silica media

A media of high purity, the Davisil silica media consists of irregularly shaped particles with good mechanical and structural properties.

Grace Davison Vydac TP analytical and prep HPLC columns

Vydac TP analytical and prep HPLC columns can be used for polypeptide separations.

Grace Davison GracePure SPE columns

The GracePure SPE columns can be used for the clean-up, concentration and recovery of chromatography samples.

Grace Davison Model 3300 ELSD

Although new to many chromatographers, evaporative light scattering detectors (ELSDs) have been available for more than 20 years. Continuous improvements in design and technology have made the ELSD one of the most powerful tools in a chromatographer’s toolbox.

Grace Davison Reveleris SRC cartridges

Reveleris SRC cartridges have increased durability to withstand higher pressures (200 psig) and provide greater loading capacity.

Grace Davison Syloid FP silica

Grace Syloid FP silica is a multifunctional excipient that is easy to incorporate, delivers more uniform dispersion of active compounds and provides improved content uniformity.

Vydac MS reversed-phase HPLC columns

Vydac has introduced the MS family of reversed-phase columns for large biomolecule separations. Used for separating intact proteins and the peptides resulting from protein digestion.

Grace Davison LC Certified autosampler vials

Grace LC Certified autosampler vials ensure that peaks come from your samples and not your vials. Through stringent traceability, manufacturing and HPLC testing, Grace LC Certified vials eliminate many of the pains that vial troubles can bring.

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences amino and diol phase flash cartridges

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences has launched flash cartridges in amino and diol phases which allow fast, easy purification of challenging polar compounds such as carbohydrates and improve selectivity for non-polar compounds such as lipids.

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences VisionHT HPLC columns

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences' VisionHT provides one media platform for different systems and applications.

Column packing system

The MODcol Multipacker column packing system make it easy and convenient for scientists doing preparative scale chromatography to reproducibly pack bulk media in a completely portable dynamic axial 1 and 2 columns.

Aerosol-based HPLC detector

The Nano Quanty Analyte Detector (NQAD) is an aerosol-based HPLC detector which claims improved performance over other aerosol detectors.

Chromatography products catalogue

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences has released its 2008 Chromatography Products Catalog.

Flash chromatography

The Reveleris flash chromatography system has been designed to save time and minimise guesswork in purifications.

Flash chromatography system

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences is introducing the Reveleris flash chromatography system. The system saves time and minimises guesswork in purifications.

EnSight biodiesel analyser

The EnSight biodiesel analyser can be used to monitor reactions, determine total glycerine and profile feedstock oils, all with a single instrument.

HPLC prep column packer

The Grace Davison Discovery Sciences Multipacker Series 2002 Instruments are designed to pack preparatory columns from 25 to 101 mm ID. The instruments are easy-to-use, high performance packing stations specifically designed for Spring Column Packing.

HILIC columns

Hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) is suitable for separating and retaining very polar compounds that do not retain or have very limited retention on traditional reversed-phase packings. HILIC columns retain highly polar compounds with only small amounts of water in the mobile phase. These more volatile mobile phases increase sensitivity with LC/MS applications. Water is used as the strong solvent so increasing water content will elute peaks faster.

ELSD 2000ES evaporative light-scattering detector

Alltech's ELSD 2000ES combines universal detection capabilities with enhanced sensitivity for demanding applications.


Alltech's 650 conductivity detector and 630 column heater can be added to an LC system and data station, adding IC capabilities to the system.

Convert HPLC to IC

Alltech's suppressors and 650 Conductivity detector easily convert any HPLC into an IC system. Both suppressor models, the 640 and 641, are continuously regenerated with no need for extra reagents.

Online degassing

Alltech offers two families of degassers to eliminate the problems of unwanted air - the advanced featured Elite On-Line Degassing Family and the economical Select On-Line Degassing Family. The efficient teflon AF membrane, the continuous-run vacuum pump, and NO-OX tubing work together to consistently and rapidly remove gas from mobile phase and keep it that way as it travels to the pump inlet. Reproducible pump flow rates and stable baselines are achieved by using the degasser.

Evaporative light scattering detector

Alltech ELSD 800 is an evaporative light scattering detector that can add universal HPLC detection to any LC system to replace or complement existing detectors. The ELSD's universal response gives a closer representation of sample mass than UV detectors, making quantification more accurate when standards are not available. It can be used in parallel with MS to obtain maximum structural and concentration information for each sample. Unlike RI detectors, the ELSD offers high sensitivity, equilibrates quickly and is gradient compatible.

SPE C18 Columns

The Prevail range of water wettable C18 SPE columns does not require traditional preconditioning with an organic solvent. This eliminates organic preconditioning thereby reducing handling and disposal of hazardous organic solvents. It will also eliminate one step from typical SPE procedures with accompanying savings in time and, because it is a standard silica-based C18 sorbent, it can be substituted directly into methods or established protocols that call for C18 without the need for recalibration. It performs just as well as standard C18 sorbents with and without organic preconditioning, so it can be used for any C18 application and sample type.

Helium Detector

Alltech's helium leak detector is a portable gas leak detector that pinpoints leaks in applications such as gas capillary systems in difficult to reach and confined locations. The detector uses a highly sensitive thermal actuated cell and signal amplification to detect leaks. When a leak is detected, a signal is displayed on the unit's LED display as well as sounding an audible alarm.

Capillary Columns

Econo-Cap Capillary Columns are claimed to be identical in construction, quality and performance to other premium lines of capillary GC columns.

LC Degassing Unit

High efficiency, fast equilibration, zero baseline fluctuation, error and leak-checking functions, and low operation noise are offered by Alltech's On-Line Degassing System.

HPLC Detector

The Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD) improves HPLC analysis of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and excipients. The ELSD is suitable for analysing many different pharmaceutical compounds. It responds to all analytes, whether or not they absorb UV light.



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