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Hanna Instruments Pty Ltd

Hanna Instruments, a world leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation, has a network of 60 subsidiaries in 43 countries worldwide and offers over 3000 products to its customers. Our commitment is to produce scientific instruments of exceptional quality and reliability, designed through innovative research and backed up with after sales support.

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Hanna Instruments HI931 and HI932 automatic potentiometric titration systems

The HI931 and HI932 potentiometric automatic titrators, from Hanna Instruments, are designed to deliver accurate results and an intuitive user experience, all in a compact package.

Hanna Instruments HI98194, HI98195 and HI98196 multiparameter portable meters

Hanna Instruments has announced the release of several waterproof multiparameter portable meters. The meters have up to six sensors for measuring pH, ORP, EC, DO, temperature and barometric pressure, in addition to seven interpreted parameters including TDS, seawater salinity and pH in mV.

Hanna Instruments edge laboratory meter

Hanna Instruments has released edge, a laboratory meter with design features not usually associated with instrumentation. The product measures pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.

Hanna Instruments HI2211 bench pH meter

Hanna Instruments’ HI 2211 is a versatile benchtop meter for the measurement of pH and mV (ORP and ISE). The meter is simple to operate, with automatic 1- or 2-point calibration and user-selectable temperature compensation.

Hanna Instruments HI902C Automatic Titration System

With powerful customisation and accurate analysis, Hanna Instruments’ HI902C Automatic Titration System brings simplicity in analysis to the lab. The powerful instrument can perform acid/base, potentiometric, ORP, complexometric, precipitation, back titrations, linked titrations and titre determinations.

Hanna Instruments HI 96801 digital refractometer for sucrose

The HI 96801 sucrose digital refractometer is rugged, portable and water resistant for measurements in the lab or field. The instrument offers a specific analysis to determine accurate sugar concentration.

Hanna Instruments redesigned benchtop meters

Hanna Instruments has announced the release of several redesigned analytical benchtop meters. The meters, for pH, electrical conductivity (EC) and resistivity measurements, have been redesigned to improve usability, save space and give the units an attractive, uniform appearance.

Hanna Instruments HI2315 Benchtop Conductivity Meter

Hanna Instruments has released the HI2315 Benchtop Conductivity Meter. With four user-selectable measurement ranges (0.0 to 199.9 µS/cm; 0 to 1999 µS/cm; 0.00 to 19.99 mS/cm; 0.0 to 199.9 ms/cm), these meters are robust and easy to use.

Hanna Instruments’ General Catalogue (version 28)

Hanna Instruments’ General Catalogue (version 28) includes details of the company’s range of chemical test kits and meters, magnetic stirrers, reagents, accessories and a range of technical tables. The catalogue is now available for distribution.

Hanna Instruments HI 4321 EC/TDS/resistivity/salinity meter with USP

Hanna Instruments' HI 4321 is a research-grade EC/resistivity/TDS/salinity benchtop meter with a large, colour, graphic LCD with backlight that is capable of millesimal measuring resolution of conductivity with an extended range from 0.001 µS/cm to 1 S/cm.

Hanna Instruments ion selective electrodes

Hanna Instruments’s range of ion selective electrodes includes solid-state electrodes for the determination of bromide, cadmium, chloride, cupric, cyanide, fluoride, iodide, lead and silver ions; liquid membrane electrodes; and combination electrodes that detect dissolved gases in a solution.

Hanna Instruments HI 4522 pH/ISE and EC/TDS/resistivity/salinity meter

The Hanna Instruments HI 4522 is a research-grade, benchtop instrument that features eight measurement ranges: pH, ORP (oxidation reduction potential), ISE, conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity and temperature. The meter has dual channels and separate temperature input, and supports the external reference electrodes required by half-cell pH and ISE sensors.

Hanna Instruments HI 903 Volumetric Karl Fisher Titrator

The HI 903 Volumetric Karl Fisher Titrator combines a high-resolution burette, diaphragm pumping system, colour LCD, integrated magnetic stirring and dynamic dosing, background drift correction and endpoint determination algorithms.

Hanna Instruments portable water-quality meter

The Hanna portable water-quality meter allows simultaneous readings of critical water-quality parameters such as pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, TDS, turbidity, depth and ISE (chloride, nitrates, ammonia).

Graphic display pH meters

Hanna Instruments has introduced HI4211 (single channel) and HI4212 (dual channel) meters with Calibration Check.

Graphic display pH meters

Hanna Instruments has introduced HI4211 (single channel) and HI4212 (dual channel) meters with Calibration Check.

Portable limpidity meter

Hanna Instruments has introduced the C125 portable limpidity meter for rose and white wine.

pH meters with calibration check

The HI221 and HI223 pH meters compare the characteristics of the pH electrode from one calibration to the next. The Calibration Check feature alerts the user if parameters are not suitable for an accurate calibration.

Portable turbidity meter

Hanna microprocessor-based portable turbidity meters provide laboratory-grade accuracy for field or laboratory use. HI93703-11 measures turbidity from 0 to 1000 FTU (NTU). For best accuracy, HI93703-11 measures from 0.00 to 50.00 FTU in steps of 1/100th of FTU. The meter meets ISO 7027 requirements. HI93703-11 is equipped with an infrared LED light source. The infrared LED has a long life and maintains constant emission for the life of the instrument. The wavelength peaks at 890 nm, which provides the required intensity of diffused light even in samples with low turbidity values, and also reduces the interference from colours.

Chemical oxygen demand system

Hanna's COD analyser is a multi-parameter ion specific meter suitable for wastewater or environmental testing. C99 allows for a COD measurement based on the Closed Reflux Colorimetric Method over three different ranges: 0 to 150, 0 to 1500 and 0 to 15,000 mg/L. This method is based on the requirements of the two main official sources for chemical analysis in water and wastewater: 'Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater' (20th Ed) method #5220D and 'EPA Methods and Guidance for Analysis of Water' (version 2.0). USEPA method #310.4.

Laboratory catalogue

Hanna Instruments 2003 General Catalogue (25th Edition) is available for distribution.

COD measurement system

Hanna's C99 COD analyser is a multi-parameter ion specific meter designed for wastewater or environmental testing. C99 allows for a COD measurement based on the Closed Reflux Colorimetric Method over three different ranges: 0 to 150 mg/L, 0 to 1500 mg/L and 0 to 15,000 mg/L.

Waterproof Multi-Parameter Meter

Hanna Instruments' waterproof multi-parameter instruments measure pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids and temperature in one meter using a single probe.

Ambient Temperature Monitoring

The HI 148-00 and HI 150-00 ambient temperature monitors cover a temperature range of -20.0 to 60.0°C and have a ±0.5°C accuracy. This meets the requirements for the ANZFA proposed standard 3.2.2.

Temperature Logger

HI 140 Temperature Dataloggers are suitable for chilled food, deep freeze and frozen food applications and are waterproof (IP68).

Conductivity Meters

The EC215 bench conductivity meter measures over an extensive range from deionised water to brine.



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