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Restek Raptor Polar X columns

Raptor Polar X columns from Restek are designed to retain and efficiently separate a broad range of polar analytes using a stationary phase that balances two retention mechanisms: HILIC and ion exchange.

Restek Resprep Quick-Replace vacuum manifolds

Cross-contamination of samples run in series through typical SPE vacuum manifolds is a common problem for sample preparation labs. Restek's Resprep Quick-Replace vacuum manifolds are designed to eliminate this risk as they contain a disposable valve liner that can be quickly and easily replaced between samples.

Restek Resprep PLR SPE products

Laboratory professionals can simultaneously remove phospholipids and proteins in a single, simple procedure with Resprep PLR (phospholipid removal) SPE products.

Restek RAVEqc quick-connect air valves

RAVEqc quick-connect air valves from Restek are a tool-free alternative to bellows/diaphragm valves, designed to reduce the time and variability associated with connecting air canisters to other devices.

Restec Raptor EXP UHPLC guard column cartridges

The Restec Raptor EXP UHPLC guard column cartridges provide protection from particulates and matrix contamination, especially when using dilute-and-shoot or other minimal sample preparation techniques.

LECO Pegasus BT 4D GCxGC time-of-flight mass spectrometer

The Pegasus BT 4D offers enhanced sensitivity by coupling LECO's benchtop Pegasus BT time-of-flight mass spectrometer with its high-performance GCxGC thermal modulation system.

Restek Methanizer (CH4izer)

Restek's Methanizer (CH4izer) for Agilent GCs allows ppb-level determination of CO and CO2 using an FID instead of other instrumentation.

Restek Resprep VM-96 vacuum manifold

The Resprep VM-96 vacuum manifold, from Restek, is suitable for everyday solid-phase extraction (SPE), supported liquid extraction (SLE), protein precipitation (PPT) and filtration applications.

Restek PAL SPME fibres

Restek PAL SPME fibres feature an aluminium hub that is more durable than plastic. The fibres are optimised for PAL system autosamplers and are compatible with most GC inlets.

LECO Pegasus BT TOFMS platform

LECO Corporation has announced its latest innovation for the GC-MS marketplace — the Pegasus BT. The product gives users all of the data they need from a single sample run with an innovative TOFMS platform.

Restek Resprep 96-well protein precipitation (PPT) plates

The Resprep PPT3 96-well protein precipitation plates offer efficient protein removal with built-in, drip-free membrane and three-way versatility for filtration, so the user can easily prepare serum, plasma and other biological samples.

LECO Pegasus GC-HRT 4D time-of-flight mass spectrometer

LECO has announced the Pegasus GC-HRT 4D, claimed to combine the industry standard for comprehensive GCxGC with high-performance time-of-flight mass spectrometry. The GCMS innovation provides scientists with the ability to investigate complex samples and identify unknown analytes with confidence.

Restek Raptor SPP LC columns and guards

Superficially porous particles (SPP or ‘core-shell’ particles) dramatically boost column efficiency and reduce analysis times. With Raptor LC columns, Restek chemists have combined the speed of SPP with the resolution of highly selective USLC technology.

Restek electronic leak detector for gas chromatographs

Restek’s redesigned leak detector is an important tool for the troubleshooting and routine maintenance of gas chromatographs. By checking for leaks often, the GC column and instrument will be protected from damage and loss of sensitivity.

Leco Pegasus GC-HRT with chemical ionisation source

Leco Corporation has announced a chemical ionisation (HR-CI) source for the Pegasus GC-HRT (high resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer). The field-upgradable option empowers users to dramatically change their high-resolution GC/MS information with high mass accuracy and resolution on pseudomolecular ions.

Restek Resprep solid phase extraction tubes

Resprep solid phase extraction (SPE) tubes from Restek are manufactured with specially cleaned sorbents and high-purity plastics to minimise background and help eliminate troublesome interference.

Restek ultra selective liquid chromatography columns

Restek ultra selective liquid chromatography (USLC) columns offer a wide range of selectivity using just four stationary phases providing the practising chromatographer with tools for choosing columns fast and developing methods faster.

TruMac nitrogen/protein macro determinator

The TruMac nitrogen/protein macro determinator can be used to analyse macro samples (up to 3 g) with a claimed minimal cost-per-analysis and rapid analysis times.

Thermogravimetric analyser

The TGA701 thermogravimetric analyser from LECO determines weight loss as a function of temperature in a controlled environment.

High-speed LC-TOFMS

The Unique HT LCMS is designed for complex liquid sample analysis. A high-speed MS detector with integrated control of an Agilent 1200 SL HPLC provides the data density required to support current and future advances in ultra-fast liquid chromatography.



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