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maxon motor

maxon motor is the world’s leading supplier of high-precision drive systems. More than 40 years’ experience, constant innovation, top-quality products and competent customer service make maxon motor a reliable partner in the drive technology sector. We are driven by your specific requirements.

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maxon motor BLDC brushless DC linear actuator

The maxon motor BLDC combination linear actuator features a useful mixture of fast movements, high torque and holding ability. A precision ground metric thread and nut assembly can be customised to suit individual application mounting requirements.

maxon motor ENX EASY sterilisable encoder

maxon motor has unveiled the ENX EASY sterilisable encoder for brushless DC motors, creating many opportunities for advances in medical technology.

maxon motor sterilisable motor, gear and encoder drive system

maxon motor offers the combination of a brushless DC motor (BLDC motor), a planetary gearhead and a choice of incremental and absolute encoder, all assembled to order in a sterilisable form.

maxon motor brushless DC motor and harmonic gearhead combination with internal encoder

maxon motor's brushless DC 70 W 24 V motor has been combined with the 2048 counts/turn internally integrated encoder and the harmonic lightweight low-profile zero-backlash gearhead.

maxon motor EPOS4 24/1 motion controller for DC motors

Available on request is the EPOS4 24/1.5 DC motor control module. Weighing just 17 g and measuring 39 x 54 mm, the position controller can also control both brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors (BLDC motors).

maxon motor mini DC electric linear actuator

maxon motor has released a completely customised miniature electric linear actuator for positioning tasks.

maxon motor EPOS4 DC motor position controller

With tiny dimensions of 60 x 62 mm and able to drive both brushed and brushless DC motors up to 1500 W with 98% efficiency, the EPOS4 position controller has the highest power density ratio for maxon motor controllers. These attributes make it particularly suitable for space- and power-critical applications in the electronics, manufacturing, process control, robotics, communications, aerospace and oil and gas fields.

maxon motor ECX SPEED high-speed brushless DC motors

maxon motor has released the ECX SPEED series of high-speed brushless DC motors. With speeds up to 120,000 rpm, quiet operation and little heat emission, the sterilisable motors are suitable for handheld surgical tools and industrial spindles.

DC-max motor with GPX gearhead

maxon motor has released the DC-max motor range fitted with the GPX gearhead. The motor offers the same high-powered rare earth magnets and patented maxon rhombic winding as the premium maxon motor range but is packaged in more cost-effective housing.

maxon motor brushless DC motor for use in a vacuum

maxon motor has released a brushless DC motor suitable for use in an ultrahigh vacuum. The 22 mm, 24 V brushless DC motor is an off-the-shelf solution for an application that traditionally requires high levels of customisation.

maxon motor DC linear actuator

maxon motor has released a 6 mm micro linear positioning drive with internal gearing. Micro DC motor linear positioning systems are suitable for applications that require accurate positioning and high forces while maintaining minimal weight and a small footprint.

maxon motor high-torque, low-speed DC motor

maxon motor's brushless DC flat motor, with customisations for high torque and low speed, is suitable for the user's positioning requirements. With a 68 mm diameter and 38 mm length, the motor delivers 100 W of power on a controlled 24 V supply.

maxon motor 40 mm brushless DC inner-rotor motor

maxon motor has released its 14-pole, high-torque, 40 mm brushless DC inner-rotor motor. The brushless DC motor, with dimensions of 40 x 56 mm, can produce continuous torque levels of 232 mNm at over 7000 rpm.

maxon motor 6 mm diameter brushless DC motor

maxon motor's brushless DC servo motor, with a 6 mm diameter, is a motor gearhead and feedback combination featuring a high motor speed capability of up to 100,000 rpm on very low 3, 6 and 12 V winding options.

maxon motor brushless DC flat motors with integrated encoder

Brushless flat motors from maxon motor feature pancake form factor and torque ratings. The product's integrated mile encoder maintains the motor's low profile and includes high-resolution encoder feedback.

maxon motor brushless DC motor and planetary gearbox

maxon motor has released its latest brushless DC motor and high-speed planetary gearbox. There are seven different windings and two power levels available for the motor and many different gearbox ratios, allowing designers to select the products in a modular fashion to best suit the application requirements.

maxon medical 4 mm brushless DC micromotor and gearhead

maxon medical is a business division of maxon motor and is focused specifically on producing good-quality brushed and brushless DC motor and drive systems to satisfy medical industry demands. The latest product to join the medical range is the 4 mm brushless DC micromotor and gearhead.

EC 45 flat 70 W brushless DC outrunner motor

A 70 W version has been added to the maxon motor range. The EC 45 flat 70 W displays a flat speed/torque gradient. Flange pattern, fixation and socket are identical to the existing EC 45 flat 50 W version; the difference is that the 70 W motor delivers 38% more torque.

Flat motors

The maxon motor range of brushless DC motors with integrated electronics features established drives EC 20 flat, EC 32 flat and EC 45 flat, but now they have in-built speed controllers, yet are almost the same size. The motors available as standard are the 2- and 5-wire versions, with an operating range of 2-50 W. The drives are suitable for use where there is minimal installation space, when long service life and constant speed are required at the same time as simple control operations.

Brushed DC motor package

The RE 65 brushed DC motor package delivers 250 W and can cope with tough demands. The motor is particularly suitable for applications where high efficiency, high power density and a minimal operating noise are required.



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