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We are a leading supplier to the global Life Science industry with solutions and services for research, biotechnology development and production, and pharmaceutical drug therapy development and production

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Merck ReadyStream media preparation system

Merck's Life Science business sector has launched the innovative ReadyStream system — a product that prepares and instantly dispenses culture media for use in microbiological food testing, thus enhancing testing efficiency.

Merck ZooMAb recombinant antibodies

ZooMAb antibodies use recombinant technology, which offers an endless and consistent supply while reducing the use of animals in research.

Merck ColorWheel flow cytometry antibodies and dyes

The portfolio allows users to independently select antibodies and dyes for assembly in any desired combination.

Merck Millicell DCI Digital Cell Imager

Merck has announced the Millicell DCI Digital Cell Imager, designed to help improve cell culture lab productivity by assessing a broad range of parameters including confluency, morphology and cell growth trends.

Merck GenElute-E Single Spin purification kits

The kits enable nucleic acid purification without the need for multiple binding and wash steps by separating molecules in the sample by size using negative chromatography technology.

Merck CRISPRi whole-genome libraries and pools

Merck has launched its CRISPR inhibition (CRISPRi) whole-genome libraries and pools to complement its suite of genome-editing products and technologies.

Merck VirusExpress Lentiviral Production Platform

The platform helps to overcome lentiviral production challenges and can reduce process development time by approximately 40%, according to the company.

Merck Bio4C Software Suite

Merck has unveiled the Bio4C Software Suite, creating a digital ecosystem that combines process control, analytics and plant-level automation.

Merck Sucrose EMPROVE EXPERT Ph Eur, ChP, JP, NF

Merck has developed a filtration-based manufacturing process resulting in a highly purified sucrose grade with reduced levels of nanoparticle impurities (NPI). The product — Sucrose EMPROVE EXPERT Ph Eur, ChP, JP, NF — is suitable for the high-risk applications of manufacturing and formulating biomolecules.

Merck Parteck COAT excipient

Merck has launched its Parteck COAT excipient — a functional material designed for immediate release film coating applications.

Merck ADC Express services

Merck has introduced its ADC Express services for the rapid production of ADCs, designed to reduce the time needed to produce development-grade constructs for target molecule identification.

Merck Plug & Play Upstream Development Service

Merck has launched its Plug & Play Upstream Development Service to help emerging biotech and start-up companies advance their molecules to the clinical stage.

Merck Pellicon Capsule with Ultracel Membrane

Merck's Pellicon Capsule with Ultracel Membrane is a single-use tangential flow filtration capsule for bioprocessing of antibody-drug conjugates and monoclonal antibodies. The capsule is designed to reduce the risk of product cross-contamination, as well as exposure to toxic compounds during both processing and disassembly.

Merck Eshmuno P anti-A and anti-B chromatography resins

Merck has launched the Eshmuno P anti-A and Eshmuno P anti-B affinity chromatography resins, specifically designed to remove anti-A and anti-B isoagglutinin antibodies during the manufacturing of plasma-derived immunoglobulin (Ig) therapies.

Merck Mobius single-use bioreactors

Merck's portfolio of 3 to 2000 L Mobius single-use bioreactors delivers flexibility and continuity for scale-up, reducing the need for retraining operators.

Merck SOLu-Trypsin enzyme for mass spectrometry

Merck's Advanced Proteomics Grade SOLu-Trypsin is a solution-stable enzyme for mass spectrometry. Designed to be stable in solution when refrigerated, the enzyme can be used immediately without preparation.

Merck EZ-Fit Filtration Units

Merck's EZ-Fit Filtration Units for microbial enumeration are stackable to save on laboratory space.

MilliporeSigma Guava easyCyte flow cytometer green laser variant

MilliporeSigma has expanded its line of Guava easyCyte flow cytometers to include a high-power modulated green laser. The system combines the green laser, higher power violet, blue and red lasers for detecting subcellular particles as small as viruses, low waste volume and a small footprint.

Merck CellASIC ONIX 2 Microfluidic Platform

The Merck CellASIC ONIX 2 Microfluidic Platform enables simplified, dynamic and precise live cell analysis. The platform allows researchers to monitor responses to perfusion, temperature and gas environment changes in live cells and track individual cell responses over time for truly dynamic cellular analysis.

Merck Mobius biopharmaceutical manufacturing products

Merck is launching three Mobius products that deliver improved efficiency and ease of use for biopharmaceutical manufacturing workflows. The products include a 1000 L single-use bioreactor, a 2000 L mixing system for difficult-to-mix biopharm ingredients and a large-volume liquid transport system for aseptic and non-aseptic substances.

Merck Millipore AldeRedALDH Detection Assay

The AldeRed ALDH Detection Assay, from Merck Millipore, provides cancer and stem cell scientists with more capabilities for live cell isolation and characterisation.

Merck Millipore PureGenome Low Input NGS Library Construction Kit

The PureGenome Low Input NGS Library Construction Kit streamlines the process of generating indexed or barcoded libraries for Illumina HiSeq sequencing from low amounts of input DNA (from 50 pg to 1 ng).

CellASIC ONIX Microfluidic Platform

The CellASIC ONIX Microfluidic Platform, in conjunction with the CellASIC ONIX Microfluidic Plates, provides perfusion-based microenvironment control for long-term, live cell microscopy.

Merck Millipore guava easyCyte 12 flow cytometer

Merck Millipore offers the guava easyCyte 12 flow cytometer, a simple and powerful benchtop method for multicolour flow cytometry. The system has been shown to detect particles as small as 0.2 μm, which is said to be a significant improvement over typical flow cytometers.

Merck Millipore AFS 40E, 80E, 120E and 150E water purification systems

Merck Millipore has announced its AFS 40E, 80E, 120E and 150E water purification systems, developed to provide clinical laboratories with an economical water purification solution for daily water volumes of up to 3000 L.

Merck Millipore Amnis NFкB Translocation kit

The Amnis NFкB Translocation kit allows researchers to study the nuclear translocation of NFкB - a transcription factor that plays a central role in regulating key mammalian cell processes, including proliferation, inflammation, immune and stress responses.

Merck Millipore SNAP i.d. 2.0 protein detection system for immunohistochemistry

Merck Millipore has introduced the SNAP i.d. 2.0 protein detection system for immunohistochemistry (IHC), which is said to streamline immunohistochemistry workflows and decrease slide handling time.

Merck Millipore guava easyCyte benchtop flow cytometers

Guava easyCyte flow cytometers are amenable to on-demand use in the laboratory environment and help scientists achieve insightful cellular analysis. The flow cytometry systems are easy to use and deliver complete and comprehensive cell analysis right on the benchtop.

Merck Millipore Magna Nuclear RNA-binding Protein Immunoprecipitation (RIP) Kits

Merck Millipore has introduced the Magna Nuclear RNA-binding Protein Immunoprecipitation (RIP) kits. The kits are designed to allow the discovery and analysis of both coding and non-coding chromatin-associated RNAs.

Merck Millipore mass spectrometry compendium

Merck Millipore has offered chromatography products since 1904, with columns, plates and mobile phases used in mass spectrometry (MS) labs throughout the world. Solutions for Mass Spectrometry is a compendium packed with information on this analytical field.

Merck Millipore protocol for purification of recombinant proteins

Merck Millipore has introduced a recombinant protein purification protocol that combines lysis and purification into a single step. The condensed workflow can be completed in about 45 min, which is said to reduce processing time by 75% compared to traditional techniques while delivering high yield and purity.

Merck Millipore Direct Detect spectrometer

With Merck Millipore's Direct Detect spectrometer, the user is simply required to spot 2 μL of the sample, blank with buffer and read. There is no sample prep, no tedious standard curves and no messy cuvettes or liquid waste.

Merch Millipore Msynth plus chemicals

The Msynth plus line, from Merck Millipore, makes qualification of starting materials simple. Developed for organic synthesis in quality-conscious or regulated environments, such as the pharma, electronics or cosmetics industries, Msynth plus products are accompanied by the necessary quality documentation to help users easily fulfil regulatory requirements.

Merck Millipore SmartFlare detection reagent for live cell RNA

The SmartFlare detection reagent is a novel probe capable of detecting specific mRNAs and miRNAs in live, intact cells. The technology allows for carrier-free cellular endocytosis of the reagent, followed by detection and relative quantitative analysis of RNA levels.

Merck Millipore EZ-product family for microbiological workflow

Merck Millipore has added three products to its EZ-product family, which is designed to facilitate microbiology workflow in quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) laboratories.

The Duran Group Laboratory Glassware catalogue Edition 4

The Duran Group Laboratory Glassware catalogue Edition 4 is now available online.

Merck SupraSolv solvents N,N-Dimethylformamide and Dimethyl sulfoxide for headspace gas chromatography

Merck has introduced N,N-Dimethylformamide and Dimethyl sulfoxide, two SupraSolv solvents designed to meet the  requirements of headspace gas chromatography: high purity and low concentrations of residual solvents.

Merck Millipore Elix Essential 3, 5, 10, 15 Water Purification Systems

Merck Millipore has added the Elix Essential systems to its range of Elix water purification equipment. The systems integrate Elix electrodeionisation (EDI) technology along with several other complementary water purification techniques (eg, pretreatment, reverse osmosis and UV lamp treatment) in order to produce Type 2 pure water with consistently pure and reliable water quality.

Merck Millipore Direct Detect protein quantitation system

Merck Millipore has launched the Direct Detect system for rapid, simplified protein quantitation. The system enables infrared-based measurement of amide bonds in protein chains, an intrinsic component of every protein, without relying on amino acid composition, dye-binding properties or redox potential.

Merck Millipore ProteoExtract Kits

Merck Millipore has launched two ProteoExtract Kits that enable researchers to more rapidly and effectively enrich, isolate and analyse the cytoskeleton and associated proteins.

EMD Millipore QCM Gelatin Invadopodia Assays

EMD Millipore, the life science division of Merck KGaA, has launched QCM Gelatin Invadopodia Assays which are designed to standardise and enhance the study of cell invasion. The assays are claimed to be the only commercially available kits for studying invadopodia.

Merck Millipore HPLC Analytical Application Finder

Merck Millipore has released a simple to use Analytical Application Finder that allows users to search for HPLC applications to suit their sample. The Analytical Application Finder has hundreds of applications for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, bioscience or research and development fields.

Merck Millipore Magna ChIP-Seq preparation kit

The Merck Millipore Magna ChIP-Seq preparation kit has been designed to simplify genome-wide profiling of DNA-protein interactions by chromatin immunoprecipitation and next-generation sequencing (ChIP-Seq).

Merck Emsure Emparta and Emplura grade solvents, acids, caustics and salts

Merck has released a new positioning concept for its solvents, acids, caustics and salts so users will now be able to quickly and efficiently find the right product for their application.

Merck SeQuant anion determination by IC

The continuous background conductivity suppression system SeQuant CARS Continuous Anion Regeneration System equipped with the SeQuant SAMS Membrane Suppressor for Anion Chromatography can be used to simplify the determination of anions by ion chromatography.


Novagen has introduced multiplex immunoassays for the bead-based Luminex xMAP Technology platform. The range of immuno-assays allows the multiplex quantification of phosphorylated proteins, giving researchers the opportunity to examine changes in cellular signalling that reflect disease states or various drug treatments.

Deuterated solvents

Merck can offer a wide range of deuterated solvents with low residual water, high chemical purity and high isotopic enrichment.

Liquid chromatography solvents

Reproducible HPLC separations require solvents to have a high degree of UV transmittance, low particle count, low acidity and alkalinity and a low level of evaporation residue. Merck’s LiChrosolv solvents meet these requirements; they are produced from specially selected raw materials and undergo a number of purification steps before final packaging.

Purified solvents

The Seccosolv solvents are ready-to-use products of high purity and with minimal water content. They are produced with distillation methods that result in consistently high dryness and batch-to-batch consistency.

Pocket pH meters

The IQ120, IQ125 and IQ128 MiniLab waterproof non-glass pocket pH meters are compact devices featuring advanced silicon chip (ISFET) pH sensors that provide stable readings in seconds.

Chemicals catalogue

The Merck chemicals catalogue has been released. Like its predecessor, it contains information about reagents, analytical test kits, pigments, products for chromatography, microbiology and microscopy.

Karl Fischer reagents

Apura, the latest generation of reagents from Merck, can be used for all Karl Fischer applications.

Thermoreactor Range

Merck has a range of sample preparation instruments for the digestion of water and wastewater samples prior to photometric analysis. It is often necessary to digest a sample to determine the concentration of a specific analyte that is in a complex, bound or colloidal form. This can be done with the addition of a digestion reagent and heating in a block heater (thermoreactor).


Spectroquant Nova 30/60 Photometers have a diode array design with no moving parts. Barcoded sample vials eliminate the need to select methods and wavelengths manually.


Merck opens new office in Sydney's Macquarie Park

Science and technology company Merck has opened its new Sydney office in the innovation hub of Macquarie Park — a move that seeks to further the company's local growth opportunities.

Merck awards miniaturised NMR spectroscopy concept

The award-winning concept addresses in situ monitoring of chemical composition in microscopic reaction systems on timescales previously inaccessible to nuclear magnetic resonance techniques.

Merck receives Australian CRISPR nickase patent

The Australian Patent Office has allowed Merck's patent application for the use of paired CRISPR nickases.

Microbiome research to aid malnourished children

A collaboration between Merck and Washington University in St. Louis could lead to the optimising of nutritional supplements to restore a healthy gut microbiome.

Merck named Best Bioprocessing Supplier in Asia

Science and technology company Merck was named the Best Bioprocessing Supplier at the Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2018, held earlier this year.

Merck signs global distribution agreement with Avanti Polar Lipids

Merck has entered into an agreement with Avanti Polar Lipids to be the exclusive multinational distributor of the latter's research lipids portfolio outside of the United States.

MilliporeSigma adds a green laser to its flow cytometers

MilliporeSigma has expanded its line of Guava flow cytometers to feature a high-power modulated green laser, adding to the violet, blue and red lasers already included in the device.

Merck announces BioTek collaboration and culture media accreditation

Pharmaceutical company Merck has announced a collaboration with BioTek Instruments and accreditation for the quality control of dehydrated culture media tested at its Microbiology Quality Control Laboratory in Darmstadt, Germany.



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