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Millipore Australia Pty Ltd

Millipore provides technology, tools and services for the development and production of new therapeutic compounds in the biosciences market.

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Millipore Amicon Ultra-2.0 mL centrifugal filters

The Amicon Ultra-2.0 mL has been added to the Ultra line of centrifugal filters for protein or nucleic acid concentration and buffer exchange.

EpiGro epithelial cells and culture media

The range of EpiGro epithelial cells and culture media has been optimised to provide improved cell culture for critical research applications. The breakdown of control mechanisms in epithelial cells is a frequent contributor to cancer progression and metastasis.

Merck Millipore guava easyCyte benchtop flow cytometers

Merck Millipore has expanded its guava easyCyte line of benchtop flow cytometers.

Merck Millipore Enhanced Mobius 3L CellReady Bioreactor

Merck Millipore’s Enhanced Mobius 3L CellReady Bioreactor offers increased operational flexibility and enhanced process monitoring capabilities. The Enhanced Mobius CellReady 3L Bioreactor is a single-use solution for bench-scale process development of cell culture processes. New features include an injection port for small volume additions, a sub-surface fluid port for either addition or removal and an additional port for insertion of a third probe.

Millipore ProRes-S media

With the addition of ProRes-S media, Millipore’s purification suite now provides a complete solution for the downstream purification of monoclonal antibodies and proteins. Developed jointly with The Dow Chemical Company, ProRes-S media offers biopharmaceutical manufacturers greater flexibility and increased throughput in a smaller manufacturing footprint.

Millipore ProRes-S media

With the addition of ProRes-S media, Millipore’s purification suite now provides a complete solution for the downstream purification of monoclonal antibodies and proteins. Developed jointly with The Dow Chemical Company, ProRes-S media offers biopharmaceutical manufacturers greater flexibility and increased throughput in a smaller manufacturing footprint.

Millipore FlowCellect kits

The FlowCellect kits are suitable for the analysis of cell health using flow cytometry. The kits permit researchers to evaluate mitochondrial health in drug compound screening, apoptosis-related research and understanding the mechanism of diseases.

Millipore Luminata horseradish peroxidase substrates

Millipore has announced the introduction of a line of premixed Western blot detection reagents. Luminata horseradish peroxidase substrates offer high sensitivity and chemiluminescent detection.

Millipore ICW-3000 water purification system

The Millipore ICW-3000 water purification system produces a constant and reliable source of ultrapure water for Dionex IC (ion chromatography) systems.

Millipore Viresolve Pro+ virus removal solution

The Viresolve Pro+ Solution is a virus filtration product suitable for use in the highly regulated virus safety market.

Millipore Scepter handheld, automated cell counter

Millipore has introduced Scepter, a handheld, automated cell counter that provides researchers with a simple and affordable automated option for counting cells and monitoring the health of cultures.

Millipore FlowCellect kits

Three FlowCellect kits are now available for benchtop flow cytometry, targeted at key signalling pathways and said to provide the first complete validation for evaluating complex cell signalling events without sending samples to a core laboratory.

LC-Pak point-of-use polisher

The Millipore LC-Pak point-of-use polisher provides fresh ultra-pure water with very low traces of organics for analytical techniques such as UPLC, LC-MS or LC-MS/MS.

Single-use bioreactor

The Mobius CellReady 3L Bioreactor is a ready-to-use three-litre bioreactor which demonstrates all the benefits typically associated with single-use processing, while incorporating standard design features familiar to customers already using benchtop, stirred-tank bioreactors.

Industrial contaminants assays

Millipore has released the VOC-Pak cartridge for removal of volatile organic contaminants (VOCs) from ultrapure water. Scientists performing analyses on these common industrial contaminants can now be assured of having VOC-free ultrapure water for their work.

Water purification system

The Milli-Q Reference water purification system is the latest addition to Millipore’s redesigned line of water purification tools that meets the laboratory water needs for analytical and life science research.

Endothelial cell culture media

The Millipore EndoGro products for vascular research include HUVEC cells and advanced media formulations for endothelial cell culture.

Antibodies and kits catalogue

Millipore has released its Antibodies and Kits Product Guide, containing comprehensive information on antibodies, immunoassay products and recombinant proteins for over 2500 unique targets.

Laboratory filtration product guide

Millipore has released a free laboratory filtration product guide, a single source for navigating Millipore’s offerings in sample preparation, water purification and environmental monitoring.

Hanging cell culture inserts

Hanging Millicell cell culture inserts are available pre-loaded into 24-well receiver trays. The pre-loaded assembly saves time and labour across a range of experimental protocols.

Interactive biological pathways database

The Interactive Biological Pathways online tool includes 250 validated pathway maps, categorised by disease areas and cellular processes with direct links to technical and product-specific information.

Stem cell cytometry kits

Millipore has launched six flow cytometry kits for stem cell research. The robust, three-parameter FlowCellect kits allow scientists to assess embryonic and neural stem cell phenotypes at various stages of differentiation.

Protein detection system

The Snap i.d. protein detection system is designed to allow researchers to produce higher quality Western blots 80% more quickly than with conventional immunodetection protocols.

Filter unit

The nylon Net Steriflip device features a streamlined design that provides easy cell manipulation and high performance in a variety of applications. This device allows quick separation of large volumes of cellular material, providing a short recovery time to collect isolated cells.

Antibody learning website

Millipore has launched its Antibody Learning Center — a free web tool for navigating Millipore’s broad antibody portfolio and planning efficient workflows for immunodetection in protein research.

Immortalised human neural progenitor cell lines

Millipore has released the ReNcell product line of human immortalised neural somatic stem cell lines.

Sterilising-grade PESfilters

Millipore Express SHR (sterile high-retention) filters provide sterilising-grade performance and mycoplasma removal across a range of applications including cell culture media and media additives, process intermediates and other biological fluids.

Protein blotting handbook

Millipore has released the fifth edition of its Protein Blotting Handbook. The publication includes techniques for protein blotting including 17 protocols for protein transfer, visualisation and immunodetection.

Biopharmaceutical filtration

The Pod platform is an innovative filter system for normal flow clarification and prefiltration applications. Designed for greater process flexibility and productivity, the disposable technology improves process speed, safety and economies in the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.

TOC monitoring

Many applications are sensitive to organic impurities, which go undetected by resistivity measurements. Even with resistivity levels at 18.2 at 25°C, levels of organic contaminants may be high and can cause adverse effects on results.

MS sample preparation

Millipore and Applied Biosystems have announced the MALDIspot Kit, which is expected to improve the sensitivity of mass spectrometry (MS) by maximising peptide recovery during sample preparation of gel spots. The kit is the second in a series of MS sample preparation products being developed through a proteomics partnership between Millipore and Applied Biosystems.

Type 1 Water

For the scientist who requires 5 to 40 L of ultra-pure water per day from a convenient source, the Synergy provides an easy supply of high quality water at a low capital cost, with minimum maintenance. The Synergy water purification system offers the essential features (compact, automatic delivery of predetermined water volumes, high accuracy resistivity monitoring) of a Type 1 water system at low capital cost.

DNA Sample Prep Kits

Montage Genomics Kits provide all necessary reagents and disposable materials needed to clean up DNA preps and provide high quality DNA suitable for sensitive genetic research applications.

Clarification and Purification

Ultrafree-MC and -CL Microporous devices provide fast, convenient clarification and purification of 0.5 to 2.0 mL samples and incorporate low binding Durapore membrane.



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