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Pacific Laboratory Products

PLP's portfolio encompasses high-end equipment and consumables, supplied to a client base that spans universities, institutes and businesses engaged in the supply of life science, pharmaceutical, clinical, food and beverage, water and industrial products. Our success underscores our ability to provide customer support to a wide range of laboratories.

Phone: 03 9845 0300
Fax: 03 9845 0350
Level 1, 15-33 Alfred Street , Blackburn VIC 3130 (Directions)


Axygen Axypet Pro pipettors

The pipettors feature smooth plunger movement and low pipetting forces to reduce wrist strain and fatigue (RSI).

Axygen automation tips

Pacific Laboratory Products offers a comprehensive line of Axygen tips for Tecan, Aurora Biomed and PerkinElmer automation systems.

Biologix Cell Strainers

Biologix Cell Strainers are available in three sizes, which are colour coded for easy identification: 40 µm (purple), 70 µm (orange) and 100 µm (green).

Pacific Laboratory Products BioScience Plasticware Deep Well Plate

The polypropylene plate is resistant to alcohols and other mild organic solvents, and can be sterilised by high temperature and high pressure.

DAIHAN DuoFreez U700 smart digital ULT

DAIHAN's DuoFreez U700 is a smart, digital, ultralow-temperature freezer (ULT) that has a capacity of 714 L and a temperature range of -90 to-65°C.

DIAHAN Scientific DH.CEFM0024 high-speed centrifuge

The 24-place centrifuge has a max speed of 15,000 rpm, an aluminium fixed-angle rotor for 0.2, 0.5, 1.5 and 2 mL tubes and fast cooling. 21,380 x g.

DAIHAN Scientific DBLE-400 laboratory stomacher/sample mixer

The DBLE-400 laboratory stomacher/sample mixer, from DAIHAN Scientific, is used for blending and filtering solid samples for microbiology. It is a suitable instrument for food microbiology, veterinary, clinical, pharmaceutical, molecular extraction, toxin research and environmental analysis.

Biochrom WPA S800+ and S1200+ spectrophotometers

The WPA S800+ and S1200+ spectrophotometers are suitable for student use in busy teaching laboratories. Both are compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed. They also each include a large display that is easy to read and a simple user interface for rapid set-up and analysis.

Hach Titralab AT1000 Series automatic titrators

The Titralab AT1000 Series one-touch automatic titrators are capable of analysing and delivering accurate results in just a few steps through a plug-and-play system.

Labnet AccuTherm Shaking Incubator

Temperature equipment manufacturer Labnet introduces the AccuTherm Shaking Incubator to its range. The temperature-controlled vortexer uses Peltier technology to rapidly cool samples.

HTL Discovery Pro pipettes

HTL has launched the Discovery Pro pipette - a product with low mass and light piston actions. The body of the pipette is carefully engineered to comfortably accommodate those with large or small hand shapes and sizes.

Pacific Laboratory Products pathology centrifuge

The pathology centrifuge from Pacific Laboratory Products is suitable for clinical chemistry, specimen reception and blood collection centres.

Aushon Cira immunoassay platform

Cira by Aushon is an immunoassay platform that combines productivity with precision. It has the consistency of singleplex ELISA while delivering on the throughput and increased sensitivity of multiplexing.

Colitag iMPNplate-1600 water test system

The Colitag iMPNplate-1600 is claimed to be the first definitive system for measuring microbial contaminants in water with the widest testing time window: 16 to 48 h.

Erma PathoCutter range

The Erma PathoCutter range of microtome blades features the PathoCutter R, the PathoCutter II and the PathoCutter HP.

Radleys StarFish Multi-experiment workstation

The Radleys StarFish Multi-experiment workstation is claimed to reduce waste and cost while increasing productivity.

Radleys Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor

The Radleys Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor is a personal, benchtop reaction station that is simple to use and quick to set up. The workstation is suitable for use with glass vessels from 250 mL to 5 L. The off-the-shelf, preconfigured glass reactor features a quick-release vessel clamp that facilitates rapid vessel exchange.

Biochrom Libra spectrophotometer accessories and peripherals

Biochrom has increased the sample-handling capabilities of the Libra range of UV/visible spectrophotometers.

Radleys Control Software for jacketed reaction systems

Radleys’ Control Software allows chemists to datalog and control multiple devices including stirrers, circulators, balances, pumps, temperature sensors and other devices. The software is designed to control jacketed reaction systems, including Radleys’ Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Duo, Lara CLR plus other popular reactor makes.

Biochrom Libra S80 UV-vis spectrophotometer

Featuring a double-beam optical design and variable bandwidth (0.5, 1, 2 and 4 nm), Biochrom’s latest ‘top of the range’ UV-vis spectrophotometer is fully EP (European Pharmacopoeia) compliant. It is suitable for both research and method development laboratories. Users have the choice of local control via a colour touch screen or PC operation. A wide range of options including sample accessories, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant PC software and IQ/OQ documentation is available enabling the system to be customised for the user’s application.

Biochrom Libra UV-vis spectrophotometers

Biochrom has released eight models in the Libra UV-vis spectrophotometer range, so users are assured of finding a machine to match their needs.

Hach 2100Q portable turbidimeter

Hach’s 2100Q portable turbidimeter is claimed to give accurate turbidity readings across all applications.

Agilent Chromatography columns and consumables

Pacific Laboratory Products has announced it is the reseller for Agilent Chromatography ISO9001-rated consumables and columns.

Agilent GeneSpring GX data analysis

GeneSpring GX from Agilent Technologies provides statistical tools for fast visualisation and analysis of expression and genomic structural variation data.

Radley Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor

Radley’s Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor is a multi-volume jacketed reaction station for chemical synthesis or process development.

Radley Heat-On heating and stirring workstation

The Radley Heat-On heating and stirring workstation is designed to accept standard round-bottom flasks from 10 mL to 5 L and offers good performance and a safe, cost-effective alternative to oil baths.

Votsch Industrietechnik Climate 3000 Series test chambers

The Climate 3000 Series from Vötsch Industrietechnik has a large 12 LCD colour touch panel for in-depth analysis of environmental test conditions and test profiles can be stored on the chamber’s hard drive.

Axygen Serological Pipettes

Axygen’s range of virgin, clear polystyrene Serological Pipettes, packaged in bulk or individually wrapped, is available in 1-50 mL sizes, with clear, fine graduations for accurate dispensing.

Genevac miVac DNA sample concentrator

The miVac DNA from Genevac is a small concentrator for use in molecular biology, biotechnology, academic research and forensic laboratories.

Agilent Technologies High Sensitivity DNA Kit and 2100 Bioanalyser

The Agilent Technologies High Sensitivity DNA Kit, together with the 2100 Bioanalyser, is suitable for control of samples entering microarray and next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows.

Votsch Industrietechnik environmental test chambers

Vötsch Industrietechnik environmental test chambers can be integrated into a business network for secure remote operation and monitoring.

Labnet International MPS 1000 mini Plate Spinner

The Labnet International MPS 1000 Mini Plate Spinner, with two-position rotor, will quickly spin down droplets and condensation and is suitable for use before and after thermal cycling to improve PCR yield.

Labnet International MultiGene Gradient Thermal Cycler

Labnet International’s MultiGene Gradient Thermal Cycler has a large, backlit LCD displaying alphanumeric characters and a graphical representation of program steps with on-screen instructions for the programming process.

Agilent Technologies SureSelect Target Enrichment System

The Agilent Technologies SureSelect Target Enrichment System, based on a hybrid selection technique, can be scaled to meet the needs of larger sequencing projects.

High-sensitivity DNA kit

The Agilent Technologies High Sensitivity DNA Kit and the 2100 Bioanalyser, for quality control of samples entering microarray and next-generation sequencing workflows, are available from Pacific Laboratory Products.

Cell density meter

The Biochrom CO 8000 Cell Density Meter is a simple, reliable instrument that measures the density of cells grown in suspension by measuring OD at 600 nm. This makes this instrument suitable for cells grown in suspension such as yeast and bacterial cultures.

DNA amplification system

Pacific Laboratory Products (formerly Proscience/Tech-Pro divisions of Radiometer Pacific) has extended its range to incorporate Agilent's bioconsumables and the genomics/molecular biology products of Bioneer.


Website updated

The Pacific Laboratory Products website has been refreshed, with a different colour to represent each customer market.



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