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Eralytics ERACHECK ECO oil-in-water tester

ERACHECK ECO, from Eralytics, is a dual-beam, non-dispersive IR spectrometer enabling eco-efficient measurement of oil in water based on the CFC-free solvent cyclohexane.

Trace Elemental Instruments XPERT TOC/TNb analyser

The XPERT TOC/TNb analyser, from Trace Elemental Instruments, is a robust, all-in-one elemental combustion analyser that measures total organic carbon and total bound nitrogen concentrations simultaneously from a single injection.

PAMAS SVSS particle counter

The PAMAS SVSS is a standard laboratory particle counter for pharmaceutical applications (control of parenterals, infusion solutions, ophthalmic and oral fluids) and other low-viscous liquids. The instrument may be used standalone or software controlled.

Biobase Auto Microplate Washer

Biobase has produced the Auto Microplate Washer, controlled by a microprocessor, which is precise and easy to use. The washer can automatically complete single- or multi-row washing.

Biobase ELISA microplate reader

Biobase has produced the ELISA microplate reader, suitable for a wide range of uses in the fields of hospital clinical diagnosis, immune pathology testing, microbial antigen and antibody detection, parasitic diseases diagnosis, blood diseases diagnosis, endocrine disorder measure, plant diseases and insect pet studies.

RheoSense microVISC viscometer

The portable and small-sample microVISC viscometer is suitable for industries such as bio/pharmaceuticals, chemicals, coatings and paints, petrochemical, electronics, food and beverages, and OEMs.

Eralytics EraCheck oil-in-water analyser

With the invention of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers (QCL), a new form of liquid spectroscopy became possible. The EraCheck uses this portable and field-proven technology to enable fast, easy and reliable measurements in harsh environments.

Crea Laboratory Technologies Incubator Opaq

Crea Laboratory Technologies has released its benchtop digital thermostatised incubator. The metallic incubator has a front door made of metacrilate for easy viewing.

Crea Laboratory Technologies analytical balance

The Crea analytical balance is said to provide high performance and accurate results within a short time, no matter the complexity of the task.

Biobase Lab Waste Disposer

The dry sterilising Lab Waste Disposer features a biosafety guarding function. It is used for disposing of on-site solid waste caused by low-infectious or pathological inspection in hospitals or labs.

Occhio 500nanoXY particle analyser

The Occhio 500nanoXY is an automatic imaging particle analyser dedicated to powder quality characterisation. It can analyse powders, suspensions and emulsions in a particle size range 0.4 to 3000 µm.

Schuett Solaris loop steriliser

The Schuett Solaris loop steriliser is an alternative to the safety Bunsen burner, suitable when an open flame is to be avoided.

Bante 900 multiparameter water quality meter

The Bante 900 benchtop unit is designed for high performance and easy operation. It is capable of measuring up to eight water quality parameters, including pH, ORP, ion, conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity, DO and temperature.

Spectro analytical technology platforms for oil and lubricant analysis

Spectro has released a range of analytically significant technology platforms in the field of oil and lubricant analysis. The company’s lab, field-portable and handheld analytical tools are based on emission, infrared, FTIR and X-ray technologies, among others.

Schuett ColonyQuant Automated Colony Counter system

The Schuett ColonyQuant Automated Colony Counter system enables image acquisition and simultaneous evaluation within seconds.

Schuett homogen-plus semiautomatic homogeniser

The Schuett homogen-plus semiautomatic homogeniser is suitable for tough tissue samples that are difficult to homogenise and for gentle homogenising of biological samples. It features a robust, vibration-free, high-torque drive unit capable of 3000 rpm. Users are able to utilise their existing Eppendorf laboratory test tubes with the included quick grip clamp or a full range of consumables is available specifically designed for the homogen-plus.

Schuett Phoenix II Safety Bunsen Burner

The Schuett Phoenix II Safety Bunsen Burner is designed for laboratory requirements in research, industry and education. The safety Bunsen burner and its accessories are suitable for use in biological safety cabinets and chemical laboratories.

Koehler K86200 automatic density meter

The Koehler K86200 automatic density meter uses the mechanical oscillator method of determination. The density meter can determine concentration in a variety of formats including percentage, molarity, normality, mole fraction, ppm and more. It provides the measurements in units of kg/m3, g/cm 3, g/mL, pounds/gallon, specific gravity and Baumé.

BEL BELMass benchtop mass spectrometer

The BEL BELMass benchtop mass spectrometer features a high quantitative capacity. Even ammonia gas can be analysed easily by using the heat hose and dry diaphragm pump.

Koehler automated colorimeter

The Koehler Automated Colorimeter can carry out an exact colorimetric evaluation in conformity with several ISO/ASTM standards with just a single measurement and display the result in terms of traditional colour systems such as Iodine, Hazen/APHA or Gardner colour numbers as well as in modern CIE-L*a*b* colour values. Besides the over 20 colour indexes, transmittance and absorbance can be measured at individual wavelengths so that the colorimeter can be used universally for analytical purposes in the laboratory.

Particle Test penetrometer

Particle Test has released a penetrometer that can be used to determine consistency and shear stability for design, quality control and identification purposes.

Sub-visible particle analyser

The Pamas SVSS is a laboratory particle counter for the measurement of particulates in liquids. The counter can be used for many fluid applications where particle quantifying and particle size from 1 µm upwards is important.



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