Analytical instrumentation

Drink up! Better detection developed for counterfeit liquors

18 April, 2018 by Lauren Davis

US scientists have set out to take down the counterfeit liquor industry by engineering a device that can easily identify tainted products.

Peak Scientific Solaris XE nitrogen generator

05 April, 2018 | Supplied by: Peak Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd

The Solaris XE nitrogen generator can deliver up to 35 L/min at purity levels of up to 99.5%, making it a suitable gas solution for LC-MS.

Protein crystallography system installed at UWA

05 April, 2018 | Supplied by: AXT Pty Ltd

AXT recently completed the first Australian installation of an XtaLAB Synergy-S protein X-ray crystallography system from Rigaku Oxford Diffraction.

Everyday chemicals linked to development disorders in children

04 April, 2018 by Lauren Davis

Exposure of pregnant women and children to common thyroid-hormone-disrupting toxins may be linked to the increased incidence of brain development disorders.

JPK NanoWizard 4 BioScience atomic force microscope

03 April, 2018 | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

The NanoWizard 4 BioScience atomic force microscope is designed to maximise the mechanical and thermal stability of inverted optical microscopes during long-term experiments involving samples such as single molecules, living cells and/or tissues.

Malvern Morphologi 4 series automated imaging with integrated MDRS

01 April, 2018 | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

The Morphologi 4 automated static imaging system and Morphologi 4-ID, with integrated Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS), are powerful tools for every scientist seeking absolute analysis and understanding of their samples.

Raptor Ninox 1280 visible SWIR camera

01 April, 2018 | Supplied by: Lastek Pty Ltd

The Ninox 1280 visible SWIR camera offers HD resolution for high-end scientific and astronomy applications.

BOC BASELINE cylinder regulators and REDLINE gas supply systems

01 April, 2018 | Supplied by: BOC Limited

BOC offers two ranges of high-purity gas equipment — BASELINE cylinder regulators and REDLINE gas supply systems. The latter is available when installed by BOC Customer Engineering Services.

Visor-like device can detect stroke in seconds

29 March, 2018

US researchers have evaluated a new device, worn like a visor, which can detect emergent large-vessel occlusion in patients with suspected stroke with 92% accuracy.

AII portable oxygen analysers with ATEX certification

26 March, 2018 | Supplied by: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

The portable galvanic electrochemical oxygen analyser range from Advanced Instruments Inc (AII) now has ATEX approval for use in atmospheres containing acetylene and/or hydrogen.

New method to quickly screen fentanyl and other drugs of abuse

20 March, 2018

Researchers have developed a new drug screening technique that could lead to the rapid identification of fentanyl, as well as a vast number of other drugs of abuse.

Scientifica SliceScope Pro 1000 electrophysiology system

16 March, 2018 | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

The SliceScope Pro 1000 from Scientifica is a full electrophysiology system for dual or single patch clamp recording. It is available in multiple configurations for in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology, with options for fluorescent and confocal imaging.

Delong LVEM5 and LVEM25 low-voltage transmission electron microscopes for cell biology

15 March, 2018 | Supplied by: Scientex Pty Ltd

Delong's LVEM microscopes allow for staining as an option, yet high-contrast results are acquired from samples in their inherent, natural state. The simplicity of the LVEM5 and LVEM25, combined with the elimination of the staining step, makes electron microscopy accessible to many researchers.

Acquifer HCS imaging machine for high-content screening

08 March, 2018 | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

The HCS Imaging Machine from Acquifer is a smart image acquisition system designed for high-content screening, experiment reproducibility, integrating data storage and processing.

Photometrics Iris 9 large-field-of-view sCMOS camera

06 March, 2018 | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

The Photometrics Iris 9 Scientific CMOS camera is designed to deliver high-resolution images at high frame rates for live cell microscopy, light sheet microscopy, multicolour fluorescence, high content screening and tiling applications.

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