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Moisture-trapping film reduces heat stress in protective suits

04 April, 2022

The super-hygroscopic material enhances sweat evaporation within a personal protective suit, to create a cooling effect for better thermal comfort.

Face masks help prevent virus spread, but cloth is inferior

08 March, 2022

Researchers have developed a new theoretical model to better assess the risks of spreading viruses such as COVID-19 — with and without a face mask.

CSIRO warns against spraying face masks with sanitiser

01 March, 2022

With face masks remaining a regular feature for most Australians, there may be a temptation to extend a mask's life by spraying it with sanitiser between uses.

'Smart' face mask knows when CO2 limits are exceeded

09 February, 2022

The FFP2 face mask notifies the user via their smartphone when the permitted carbon dioxide (CO2) limits inside the mask are exceeded.

PPE: the correct procedures

01 February, 2022

Safety does not stop with the simple donning of PPE. To prevent cross-contamination, users must follow a strict procedure, in view of protecting the integrity of laboratory procedures.

Disinfecting PPE for reuse and recycling

20 January, 2022

In response to a global shortage of PPE, Dr Yvonne Anderson started researching a method for disinfecting PPE for potential reuse or safe recycling.

Enhanced copper surface kills bacteria in minutes

20 December, 2021 by Lauren Davis

Researchers have developed a new copper product that kills bacteria more than 100 times faster and more effectively than standard copper.

Face mask filter acts like Velcro for coronavirus

09 December, 2021

Scientists have developed a formulation to increase the effectiveness of face mask filters at trapping coronavirus particles, retaining up to 99.6% of the virus.

Face shield deactivates SARS-CoV-2, multi-resistant bacteria

02 November, 2021

Researchers manufactured a transparent face shield with intrinsic antimicrobial activity that protects the person and prevents infectious waste.

Copper-treated face masks deactivate SARS-CoV-2

07 May, 2021

Materials technology company Xefco has developed a groundbreaking antiviral technology that has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria within minutes.

Paper-based medical gowns help protect against COVID-19

18 March, 2021

Researchers have created medical gowns for healthcare workers and first responders using paper laminated with a coating of polyethylene — a lightweight thermoplastic.

Bollé Safety Ninka eye shield

01 January, 2021

Ninka protective eyewear is specifically designed for the healthcare and service industries, for use where there are dangers associated with splashes and droplets.

N95 masks can now be recharged and reused

22 December, 2020

Tokyo researcher Kaori Sugihara has shown that sterilised N95 masks can be returned to use after being recharged using a van de Graaff generator.

Nasal spray developed to protect against SARS-Cov-2

25 November, 2020

A nasal spray that can provide effective protection against the SARS-Cov-2 virus has been developed, using materials already cleared for use in humans.

Fabric masks prove effective at virus filtration

25 September, 2020

Testing of commonly available fabric masks has found they significantly reduce the number of aerosolised viruses a wearer could be exposed to.

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