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Laboratory equipment's role in transitioning from research to GMP

01 September, 2021 by Life in the Lab Staff

Compliance with GMP requirements plays a critical role in assuring patient safety by ensuring the production of consistently safe and effective products.

GMP warehouse mapping: step-by-step guidelines for validating life science storage facilities

01 June, 2021

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulators have sharpened their focus on warehouse storage and distribution practices.

Have your say on reform of Australia's measurement laws

19 April, 2021

Australians are invited to provide feedback on options proposed for modernising Australia's regulatory framework for measurement.

WHO advises against remdesivir use in COVID-19 patients

02 December, 2020

The antiviral drug remdesivir is not recommended for patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19, regardless of how severely ill they are.

Maintaining standards in Australian labs

30 May, 2019

Australian laboratories are subject to major audits every two to four years, with all necessary documentation checked to ensure that laboratories are meeting industry accredited standards.

New DNA data protection laws needed, say researchers

20 December, 2018

New laws are required to control access to medical genetic data by law enforcement agencies, according to researchers at the University of Queensland.

An education in ethics

16 August, 2018 by Lauren Davis

Bioethicist Dr Ainsley Newson talks mitochondrial donation, targeted testing and other ethical dilemmas ahead of the AACB AIMS 2018 Combined Scientific Meeting.

Senate committee recommends legalising mitochondrial donation

05 July, 2018 by Lauren Davis

Australian women at risk of having babies suffering severe mitochondrial disease may soon be able to have healthy children.

New science policy set to strengthen national security

09 May, 2018

The Australian Government has released its new national security science and technology policy agenda, aimed at strengthening Australia's national security.

Cayman Chemical MaxSpec Lipidomics Standards

26 April, 2018

Cayman Chemical's MaxSpec Lipidomics Standards help achieve the accuracy and reproducibility required by lipidomics research.

Call to better record patient-reported outcomes in clinical trials

08 February, 2018

Researchers have recommended changes to the guidelines used in clinical trials, in an effort to gain information about the impact on the quality of life of participating patients.

Australian Government permits medicinal cannabis exports

12 January, 2018

The Australian Government has announced that it will permit the export of medicinal cannabis products.

GSK and Novartis taken to court over 'misleading' pain relief products

07 December, 2017

The ACCC has instituted proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against GlaxoSmithKline Healthcare Australia and Novartis Consumer Health Australasia, alleging they made false or misleading representations in the marketing of Voltaren Osteo Gel and Emulgel pain relief products.

Lose the jargon, win the war — the fight against superbugs

15 November, 2017

University of Birmingham researchers have identified new mechanisms used by bacteria to resist antibiotics, just days after one of their number voiced her concern surrounding the EU and UK's action plans to fight antibiotic-resistant infections.

Asbestos reporting protocols

09 October, 2017 by Peter Keyte Technical Manager — Air, Environmental

Under the various guidelines that relate to asbestos there are numerous requirements, implicit and explicit, for laboratories reporting asbestos testing results.

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