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Statebourne Cryogenics Biorack storage system for LN2 refrigerators

31 August, 2014

Statebourne Cryogenics has developed the Biorack racking system based on a 133 x 133 mm footprint to accommodate blood bags, cord blood bags, Falcon tubes, 96-well plates and IVF straws in a narrow-neck LN2 refrigerator.

Tenak Side-Up Rack

08 August, 2014

Tenak introduces the Side-Up Rack - a racking option for users who want to optimise the storage capacity of their ULT freezers. Capacity can be increased from 5 up to 13%, depending on the freezer model.

Kartell tray ranges

20 November, 2013

As part of the extensive collection of general-purpose labware manufactured by Kartell, there is a series of tray types in a wide range of sizes available to suit most laboratory applications.

Optimum Handling Solutions dangerous goods storage cabinets

01 November, 2013

Optimum Handling Solutions has a comprehensive range of dangerous goods storage cabinets specially designed to assist users in the safe and compliant storage of all hazardous material and substances, whether storing flammable, toxic or corrosive liquids.

Actisafe Actistor flammable and corrosive goods storage cabinet

23 August, 2013

Safety product specialist Actisafe has designed a flammable and corrosive goods storage cabinet suitable for the storage of corrosive materials and pesticides in completely safe and secure conditions.

Don Whitley Scientific 10-plate petri dish rack and coloured tags

24 June, 2013

Don Whitley Scientific has launched a 10-plate petri dish rack made from stainless steel. The robust, sturdy and autoclaveable racks are suitable for stacking, sorting and storing petri dishes in a Whitley Workstation.

Memmert Generation 2012 Constant Climate Chamber HPP

16 May, 2013

Generation 2012 climate chambers from Memmert are energy efficient and have a long, maintenance-free service life, making them suitable for stability tests, environmental conditioning, storage and quality assurance testing.

PDP Couriers express transportation service for life science sectors

03 April, 2013

PDP Couriers is a global specialist courier dedicated to the clinical trial and life science sectors.

Tenak Origami flat-packed cryobox

27 February, 2013

Tenak Origami is an innovative way to deliver cardboard cryoboxes. The boxes are supplied flat packed and can be folded into shape in under 30 s to form a robust and long-lasting box for ULT sample storage.

Thermo Scientific Cytomat 10 automated incubator

22 January, 2013

The Thermo Scientific Cytomat 10 is a fully automated incubator and storage module for high-capacity cell growth and assay incubation. Designed to fit into busy cell biology or screening laboratories, it offers good environmental control and can be seamlessly integrated with existing automated assay hardware.

Laboratory Systems Group Polystore corrosive storage cabinet

02 November, 2012

The Polystore corrosive storage cabinet is suitable for containing corrosive chemicals and substances in the laboratory.

Caterpillar Critical Protection Module UPS system

04 September, 2012

The Caterpillar Critical Protection Module (CPM) is an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system that combines a CAT Flywheel UPS, CAT diesel generator and an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) packaged in a sound-attenuated and factory-tested ISO standard container.

SSI freezer box with lid

17 May, 2012

As an addition to its comprehensive range of racks, SSI has recently introduced a freezer box with lid. With no inner dividers to dictate tube size, this box can fit larger samples and wide-based tubes or sample containers.

Thermo Scientific Universal Latch Rack

27 February, 2012

The Thermo Scientific Universal Latch Rack can be used with 2 and 5 mL Thermo Scientific Nunc Cryobank tubes as well as most Thermo Scientific Nunc and Nalgene cryogenic tubes. The rack enables ergonomic tube storage and incorporates a flexible lid, which can pivot or be lifted off, making it suitable for handheld pipetting as well as automated dispensing via robotic picking and placing.

Rittal Extend Modular Safe

11 February, 2012

The Rittal Extend Modular Safe provides protection against physical threats to IT applications, with direct free cooling. It allows medium-sized users to accommodate their information technology securely and within a small space, as well as save energy.

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