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Rocker MF series magnetic filter holder

01 September, 2019

Rocker MF series magnetic filter holders with double-layer magnets are designed to ensure a tight seal between the funnel and support base. The user-friendly design allows one-handed operation and prevents possible twisting and tearing of the membrane.

Sartorius Minisart RC Syringe Filters

01 May, 2019

Minisart RC Syringe Filter devices from Sartorius are an environmental and eco-friendly alternative to PVDF devices. They are just as suitable as PVDF for HPLC sample preparation.

Merck Pellicon Capsule with Ultracel Membrane

15 April, 2019

Merck's Pellicon Capsule with Ultracel Membrane is a single-use tangential flow filtration capsule for bioprocessing of antibody-drug conjugates and monoclonal antibodies. The capsule is designed to reduce the risk of product cross-contamination, as well as exposure to toxic compounds during both processing and disassembly.

BioVision Miracloth Substitute

19 December, 2018

BioVision's Miracloth Substitute filtration cloth roll is an autoclavable and quick filtration material for gelatinous homogenates.

T&T Scientific NanoSizer Liposome Mini Extruder

03 July, 2018

T&T Scientific has created the NanoSizer Liposome Mini Extruder, a single-use liposome extrusion device that simplifies the process of preparing liposomes for research laboratories, manufacturing facilities and clinical settings.

Sartorius Sartoclear Dynamics Lab P15 kit for clarification and filtration of mammalian cell culture

01 February, 2018

The convenient, ready-to-use Sartoclear Dynamics Lab P15 kit combines a syringe pre-filled with a filter aid for clarification and an integrated 0.2 μm polyethersulfone filter for sterile filtration.

Sartorius Claristep filtration system

01 August, 2017

Sartorius has developed an easy-to-use and straightforward filtration set-up. The manually operated Claristep filtration system consisting of a station and filter units offers a novel way for clarifying samples prior to analysis.

Merck EZ-Fit Filtration Units

22 December, 2016

Merck's EZ-Fit Filtration Units for microbial enumeration are stackable to save on laboratory space.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech Sartocon Slice 50 ECO crossflow filter

28 September, 2016

The small-scale Sartocon Slice 50 ECO crossflow filter has been specially designed for water-based protein solutions with viscosities below 3 cp.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech Virosart Media virus-retentive filter for cell culture media

15 June, 2016

Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) has launched Virosart Media for virus retention in cell culture media. With the media filter, the company offers a fast solution for manufacturers to reduce the risk of virus contamination resulting from raw materials, such as chemically defined media, during fermentation.

A super-strong membrane for industrial filtration

30 June, 2015

Scientists have created an ultrathin membrane with nanoscale crumples, providing an increased surface area for filtering substances that remains strong and does not buckle — even under extreme pressures.

3M Zeta Plus Encapsulated System

27 August, 2014

The Zeta Plus Encapsulated System is a single-use depth filtration system designed for the bioprocessing industry where upstream cell culture clarification or downstream impurity removal is required. The system consists of three product lines: a small system that is suitable for lab-scale production or scale-up studies; and two larger systems that are designed for production-scale biomanufacturing.

Kartell Buchner Funnels

25 January, 2014

Robust and lightweight, Kartell Buchner Funnels are designed for ease of use in the Buchner Filtration process.

Greiner Bio-One EASYstrainer filtration unit

25 October, 2013

Suitable for filtration of cell suspensions, the Greiner Bio-One EASYstrainer comes in mesh sizes of 40, 70 and 100 µ which are colour coded for easy size identification. The high-quality strainers fit all standard 50 mL tubes and come in individual, easy-to-open blister packs.

HYDAC Diesel Precare filtration system

27 July, 2013

Modern diesel filtration systems, like the HYDAC Diesel Precare (HDP), ensure vehicle manufacturers and operators are protected from operation malfunctions, failures and expensive service operations. The product offers good performance data through a two-stage water separation as well as good filtration behaviour through the use of synthetic media.

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