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Vaisala Indigo 201 host device for GMP251 and GMP252 carbon dioxide probes

31 March, 2017

Vaisala has launched a host device for GMP251 and GMP252 carbon dioxide probes. Indigo 201 is a first product in a series of host devices, designed to extend functionalities for the company's existing and future Indigo-compatible probes.

FUTEK QTA141 Micro Reaction Torque Sensor

29 March, 2017

FUTEK has announced the QTA141 Micro Reaction Torque Sensor. With a miniature footprint of 22 mm in diameter by 10 mm in height, the sensor was designed to provide a precision torque measurement solution for miniature DC servo motors.

Loser Messtechnik i Osmometer basic and i Osmometer basic M

23 March, 2017

The i Osmometer basic can store a sample volume of 100 or 50 µL, with a measuring time of 1.5 min. The i Osmometer basic M can store a sample volume of 10 to 25 µL, with a measuring time of 1.3 min.

Phenosys Olfactometer for behaviour analysis

15 March, 2017

The multichannel Olfactometer by Phenosys is a sophisticated tool for visualising and quantifying activity in olfactory sensory neurons and the olfactory bulb for investigating olfactory quality coding.

Mercury detection with gold nanorods

09 March, 2017

Irish researchers have discovered that individual gold nanorods could be used to detect mercury with high sensitivity, making them potentially suitable for use as portable analysers that can perform a rapid analysis in the field.

Futek PFT510 miniature flush mount pressure sensor for desalination system monitoring

28 February, 2017

Reverse osmosis systems require constant pressure delivered from a system of pumps to maintain membrane health and maximise system efficiency.

A temperature sensor for artificial skin

03 February, 2017

Researchers have developed a highly sensitive and flexible temperature sensor that could soon be integrated into artificial skin on prosthetic limbs or robotic arms.

Smart sensing network launched in Sydney

03 February, 2017

The $950,000 NSW Smart Sensing Network brings together smart sensing expertise in academia, industry and government to develop a collaborative and innovative network that is expected to deliver economic and social benefits for NSW.

Futek inline load cell and test and measurement software

17 January, 2017

Load cells give researchers the ability to monitor the force applied to their test specimens. Futek's solution for biomaterial testing includes its inline load cell (LCM Series) paired with instrumentation and software.

AALBORG Instruments Model L Rotameters

16 December, 2016

AALBORG Instruments offers rugged, high-range PTFE/PFA Model L Rotameters constructed of rigid frames and inert wetted parts. Made of PFA, PTFE and PCTFE, the meters are resistant to ambient corrosives.

Neogen AccuPoint Advanced ATP Sanitation Verification System

28 November, 2016

The AccuPoint Advanced ATP Sanitation Verification System is an enhanced version of the AccuPoint test system.

Aalborg Instruments optical sensor switches for rotameters

14 October, 2016

Aalborg Instruments' enhanced optical sensor switches provide a non-invasive way to detect high or low flow rates that can damage equipment and processes.

Sartorius MA37 moisture analyser

01 September, 2016

The Sartorius MA37 moisture analyser works faster and is easier to use than its predecessor. The BetterClean design allows for effortless cleaning and the status light indicates the current process status.

Vaisala viewLinc Environmental Monitoring System

24 August, 2016

The Vaisala viewLinc Environmental Monitoring System has been redesigned to offer long-range wireless communication, ease of use and fast deployment.

Hach TU5 Series turbidity platform

02 August, 2016

The Hach TU5 Series turbidity platform comprises both laboratory and online turbidimeters that employ a 360° x 90° detection technology.

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