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Adam Equipment PMB moisture analysers

26 July, 2016

Adam Equipment has expanded its line of PMB moisture analysers, with the PMB 163 offering a capacity of 160 g and readability of 0.01%/0.001 g.

Michell Instruments HygroSmart HS3 probe

19 July, 2016

The HygroSmart HS3 probe from Michell Instruments has been designed to withstand the kind of harsh and demanding conditions found in industrial processes.

Krüss surface tension measurement instruments

12 July, 2016

Krüss is a specialist in interfacial chemistry and a supplier of measuring instruments for surface and interfacial tension.

Kruss Ross Miles Analyser (RMFA) for electronic foam height measurement

03 May, 2016

The Ross Miles Analyser (RMFA), from Kruss, integrates the standardised vessels according to ASTM D 1173 in a measuring device for electronic foam height measurement.

Testo Saveris 2 Wi-Fi temperature and humidity monitoring

26 February, 2016

Testo's Saveris 2 is claimed to make temperature and humidity analysis both easier and more accurate than ever before.

Like a drone over troubled water

24 February, 2016

Start-up company Drones Over Water is developing drones to collect and test potentially dangerous water samples from dangerous or difficult-to-access environments such as reservoirs, chemical spills, wastewater plants, tailings dams and ocean oil spills.

Non-invasive blood glucose measurement

09 February, 2016

Japanese researchers have developed a harmless and non-invasive method of measuring blood glucose using far-infrared light.

Neogen AccuPoint Advance ATP Hygiene Monitoring System

22 January, 2016

The AccuPoint Advanced Hygiene Monitoring System incorporates updated chemistry, samplers and software. The system includes the option for radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology to make testing in a facility much easier.

Sentek Technologies Drill & Drop Probe

11 January, 2016

Sentek Technologies' latest range of sensing solutions records soil water and salinity data at multiple depths in the soil profile through the use of capacitance technology and then uses the internet and satellites to transmit the data in real time from almost anywhere in the world.

New nanoscale biophotonics research node

09 November, 2015

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) has officially launched its new research node at Macquarie University.

Michell S8000 Integrale MKII chilled mirror hygrometer

31 October, 2015

Michell Instruments has redesigned its S8000 Integrale chilled mirror hygrometer to take advantage of improvements in technology since its introduction in 2007. The improvements cover three areas: mechanical design for increased durability and strength; improved sensor head for faster readings at lower dewpoints; and increased simplicity of use with a touch-screen interface with intuitive menus.

Zeulab Microcystest test kit for microcystins in water

27 October, 2015

Microcystest is a test for the detection of microcystins and nodularins (hepatotoxins) in water. The kit is based on the protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) activity inhibition by microcystins and is therefore able to detect the potential toxicity caused by microcystins in water samples.

Sensors in chocolate paradise

02 October, 2015 by Dr Detlef Zienert

Capacitive sensors are a fine thing in and of themselves: they can detect levels of liquids, powders and granular materials through nonmetallic container walls without the sensor coming into contact with the media. However, conventional capacitive sensors also have a number of disadvantages.

Network Technologies ENVIROMUX-2D environment monitoring system

30 September, 2015

The ENVIROMUX-2D uses an extensive range of sensors to remotely monitor critical environmental and security conditions in the laboratory. The product provides two RJ45 ports for connecting external environmental and gas sensors, five digital (dry contact) inputs and one relay output.

Accurate dosing with photoelectric sensors

29 September, 2015

The accuracy and function of the high-performance dosing systems from Brand are based on the sophisticated technology of the seripettor bottle-top dispenser. The process reliability is improved by the miniaturised MICROmote photoelectric sensors from Balluff.

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