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Vaisala HMT330 Series humidity and temperature transmitters

31 July, 2013

The Vaisala Humicap humidity and temperature transmitter series HMT330 is designed for demanding industrial applications where stable measurement and wide customisation is important.

Vaisala Carbocap GMT220 Series carbon dioxide transmitters

31 July, 2013

The Vaisala Carbocap Carbon Dioxide Transmitter Series GMT220 is designed to measure carbon dioxide in harsh and humid environments, eg, incubators.

Alicat PC Series and PCR Series digital single-valve electronic pressure controllers/regulators

26 July, 2013

Alicat Scientific’s line of PC Series and PCR Series digital single-valve electronic pressure controllers are versatile and can be used in many pressure control applications.

Interworld Electronics MSR145 mini data logger

02 July, 2013

Interworld Electronics has released an updated version of the MSR145 compact data logger. With five internal sensors, four analog inputs and user-friendly software, the thumb-sized device is a compact, flexible data logging system.

HYDAC Contamination Sensor CS1000 Series

14 June, 2013

The Contamination Sensor CS 1000 series is an online fluid sensor for permanent monitoring of particle contamination in fluids. The cleanliness results can either be given according to ISO/SAE or ISO/NAS classifications.

Netter Industrial Vibrators Vibroscanner vibration measuring system

28 May, 2013

With an instant readout and no calibration needed, Netter Industrial Vibrators’ Vibroscanner shows the dominant frequency of vibration, the acceleration and the vibration movement on a convenient handheld unit.

Eralytics EraCheck oil-in-water analyser

24 May, 2013

With the invention of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers (QCL), a new form of liquid spectroscopy became possible. The EraCheck uses this portable and field-proven technology to enable fast, easy and reliable measurements in harsh environments.

Somatosensory feedback and prostheses

13 May, 2013

Neurobiologists have reproduced a sense of touch - showing how an organism can sense a tactile stimulus, in real time, through an artificial sensor in a prosthetic hand.

Hamilton VisiFerm DO optical sensor for beer

20 March, 2013

Claimed to be the first standardised 12 mm sensor, the VisiFerm DO measures dissolved oxygen optically using a method based on oxygen-dependent luminescence.

Royal Mint achieves new level of trade effluent monitoring

19 February, 2013

The Royal Mint has selected Analytical Technology to equip its new effluent treatment plant.

Michell Instruments DT722 RH and temperature transmitter

10 December, 2012

Maintaining reliable RH measurements in harsh or corrosive environments is difficult, as the conditions can degrade the sensors and equipment in short time periods. Michell Instruments’ DT722 RH and temperature transmitter provides a solution to this problem.

Hach Sonatax sc Sludge Blanket Level Probe with sc200 Profibus

28 November, 2012

The Hach Sonatax sc with sc200 controller allows the user to use sludge extraction, manage recirculation and be warned of potential solids washouts or process upset by continuously measuring the sludge blanket level.

Mettler Toledo ReactIR 15 Stirling Engine MCT reaction monitoring system

13 November, 2012

Mettler Toledo has announced that its ReactIR 15 Stirling Engine (SE) MCT model is now available. The compact, easy-to-use, fourier transform infrared (FTIR) reaction monitoring system offers an effective alternative to traditional MCT detectors in situations where liquid nitrogen is too costly or unsafe for routine use.

Alicat Scientific digital/analog mass flow meters

01 October, 2012

Alicat Scientific’s M Series digital/analog mass flow meters are used in processes like leak detection, flow monitoring and atmospheric testing. The latest generation M Series features a 200:1 turndown ratio, allowing greater utility for more applications than ever before.

Bante 900 multiparameter water quality meter

13 August, 2012

The Bante 900 benchtop unit is designed for high performance and easy operation. It is capable of measuring up to eight water quality parameters, including pH, ORP, ion, conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity, DO and temperature.

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