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TA Instruments Nano DSC for biological thermal stability

01 January, 2020

The Nano DSC is a powerful thermal scanning instrument that utilises a 300 µL capillary cell design and solid-state thermoelectric temperature control.

FLIR ONE Pro thermal imaging camera for smartphones

03 September, 2019

The FLIR ONE Pro is a thermal imaging camera solution that can be used to quickly identify heat spots, water leaks or damage, as well as to measure temperature.

Monnit ALTA Industrial Wireless Quad Temperature Sensor

14 August, 2019

The ALTA Industrial Wireless Quad Temperature Sensor, from Monnit, features four independent sensor probes to measure and track multiple temperatures on one device.

H-B Instrument DURAC Bluetooth thermometers

17 June, 2019

Wireless connectivity from a thermometer/hygrometer directly to a smartphone provides the freedom to concentrate on other tasks while still monitoring temperature and humidity. H-B Instrument DURAC Bluetooth thermometers alert the user when set parameters have been exceeded, from as far away as 40 m.

TA Instruments Discovery Thermomechanical Analyzer TMA 450

21 March, 2019

The Discovery Thermomechanical Analyzer TMA 450 precisely measures dimensional changes of materials from -150 to 1000°C with high sensitivity and reproducibility.

FLIR Exx-Series E53 thermal camera for condition monitoring

27 February, 2019

The FLIR E53 thermal camera for condition monitoring is the latest model in the FLIR Exx-Series, offering a high level of quality and thermal imaging power.

TA Instruments Discovery DMA 850 thermal analyser

23 July, 2018

The TA Instruments Discovery DMA 850 is the latest addition to the Discovery Thermal Analysis suite, a group of high-performance material characterisation instruments.

New Malvern MicroCal PEAQ-DSC for Faster, more Accurate Characterisation of Biomolecule Stability

04 December, 2017

DSC is often referred to as the Gold standard technique for measuring the thermal stability of biological macromolecules. Most commonly used for measuring protein stability, DSC measures the heat change during a controlled increase or decrease in temperature which is associated with the making and breaking of hydrogen bonds.

Malvern MicroCal PEAQ-DSC automated system for the characterisation of biomolecule stability

01 November, 2017

The MicroCal PEAQ-DSC automated system is the latest innovation from Malvern Instruments in differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), a thermal analysis technique for understanding the stability of a protein or other biomolecule.

ULIRVISION TI120 thermal imaging camera for screening people with elevated body temperatures

07 August, 2017

The ULIRIVISION TI120 thermal imaging camera uses thermal imaging technology for non-contact, non-invasive visualisation of skin surface temperature differences.

Fujitsu develops AI technology for CT inspections

03 July, 2017

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a technology to retrieve similar disease cases from a computed tomography (CT) database of previously taken images.

TA Instruments Discovery SDT 650 simultaneous DSC/TGA instrument

01 April, 2017

The Discovery SDT 650 is a simultaneous DSC/TGA instrument that measures the change in energy as a function of time and temperature while simultaneously measuring sample weight changes.

TA Instruments Discovery Thermal Analysis Suite

06 March, 2017

TA Instruments' Discovery Thermal Analysis Suite features a host of significant innovations, including an app-style touch screen, powerful TRIOS software, a robust autosampler, and automated calibration and verification routines that work seamlessly to improve laboratory workflows and productivity.

Malvern Instruments MicroCal PEAQ-ITC system

25 January, 2017

The MicroCal PEAQ-ITC from Malvern Instruments offers the latest technology in isothermal titration calorimetery used to measure heat released or absorbed during a biomolecular binding event. It also provides binding kinetics data.

Oven Industries 5R9-355 Temperature Controller (Peltier Effect)

10 January, 2017

Oven Industries has introduced to the market the 5R9-355 Temperature Controller (Peltier Effect). The product includes a complete mechanical enclosure with mounting holes, user-friendly keypad menu selections and a vivid LCD display.

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