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Unchained Labs Lunatic batch quantification system for proteomics and genomics

01 December, 2017

Lunatic from Unchained Labs makes batch quantification of protein, DNA and RNA simple. It is said to be the easiest-to-use system on the market that can batch measure biologics and genomics from low to high concentrations due to its dynamic range of 0.03–200 OD.

GeneCopoeia AAVPrime adeno-associated virus (AAV) particles

01 December, 2017

GeneCopoeia's AAVPrime adeno-associated virus (AAV) products are useful tools for inserting genes into a broad range of cell types with high efficiency and enhanced safety.

The science behind a better brew

27 October, 2017

A good beer is all about the yeast, but can next-generation sequencing lead to a better brew?

Illumina Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep Kit for whole genome sequencing

06 October, 2017

Illumina has announced the Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep Kit for whole genome sequencing. It eliminates the need for sample preparation for whole blood and saliva and removes tedious steps in the library prep workflow, such as mechanical fragmentation of DNA, quantification and normalisation.

Gene drives and the rapid rise of resistance

24 July, 2017 by Adam Florance

The latest research by a team from Cornell University has found that current approaches to gene drives may need to be rethought.

Sequencing completed for wild wheat, mutant rice genomes

10 July, 2017

The world of genomics just got a whole lot richer, with scientists completing sequencing for not one but two crop genomes over the past week.

Genome regulation mystery solved

23 June, 2017

US researchers have addressed a longstanding question about how DNA functions are organised in space and time, including how genes are regulated to be silenced or expressed.

Major genome release paves way for future biotech products

15 June, 2017

A major release of reference genomes is expected to pave the way for future health, biotechnology and agricultural products.

Cutting-edge genomics sequencer arrives in Brisbane

26 May, 2017

The city of Brisbane has become home to what is claimed to be the world's most advanced genomics sequencer.

Merck develops new genome editing tool

18 May, 2017

Science and technology company Merck has developed a new genome editing tool that is said to make CRISPR more efficient, flexible and specific.

International funding for Australian epigenome researcher

10 May, 2017

Australian epigenetics and genomics researcher Ryan Lister has been chosen alongside 40 researchers from 16 countries to receive a prestigious international scholarship that will fund his research.

Illumina NovaSeq series of sequencing systems

01 March, 2017

The NovaSeq series of systems feature innovations that leverage Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. They offer users scalable throughput and flexibility for virtually any sequencing method, genome or scale of project.

'Omics for all — genomic technology conference

08 August, 2016

The AGTA conference, Australia's foremost genomic technology conference, is an essential event for researchers and industry representatives who work with genomic technologies in a variety of contexts including platform development, medical genomics, functional genomics, non-model systems, epigenomics and plant genomics.

Fast test for inherited mitochondrial disease

11 July, 2016

Rapid diagnosis of mitochondrial disorders is becoming a reality via a new genetic test.

Genomics to disrupt business as usual in the clinical laboratory

22 June, 2016 by Gene Elliott* and Martin Wilkinson^

The discovery of the genetic code has until recently had limited application in the routine clinical laboratory and for the man in the street. This is set to change as advances in genomics technology make it more accessible.

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