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New blood test for prostate cancer avoids false positives

19 September, 2019

By measuring intact living cancer cells in the patient's blood, rather than the PSA protein, the method potentially provides a more accurate test for prostate cancer.

Eye-tracking tests could predict Alzheimer's development

09 September, 2019

Eye-tracking technology could be used in future to predict if people with mild memory and thinking impairments will go on to develop Alzheimer's disease.

Test predicts cervical cancer risk in HPV-positive women

04 September, 2019

The 'two-in-one' test not only detects the type of HPV infection but also indicates precancerous markers.

Diagnostic test could end needless chemotherapy

15 August, 2019

The test could soon result in tailored treatment for women with invasive lobular breast cancer, in some cases relieving patients from the gruelling process of undergoing chemotherapy.

A smartphone virus scanner with a difference

08 August, 2019

A virus scanner for a smartphone might not sound too exciting at first, but the device in question doesn't search for the latest malware; it scans biological samples for real viruses.

'Electronic tongue' could detect bladder cancer early

05 August, 2019

Electronic voltammetric tongues could help detect bladder cancer in its earliest stages with a small urine sample.

Imaging probes detect acute kidney failure early

01 August, 2019

The renal probes are injected into the bloodstream and light up when they detect molecular changes caused by the onset of acute kidney failure.

Two new blood tests for Alzheimer's developed

08 July, 2019

Researchers from both Singapore and Sweden have, within a day of each other, announced their own blood tests for Alzheimer's disease.

Computer-assisted diagnostics detect brain tumour growth earlier

05 June, 2019

A computer-assisted diagnostic procedure helps physicians detect the growth of low-grade brain tumours earlier and at smaller volumes than visual comparison alone.

Predicting and detecting metastasis in prostate cancer

27 May, 2019

US scientists have found a way to differentiate the subset of patients with prostate cancer who require more aggressive management and treatment.

Biomarker may prevent hospital discharge in sepsis patients

08 May, 2019

European researchers have found a way to identify hospital patients with suspected sepsis infection who may suffer from subsequent disease progression.

Collaboration to non-invasively assess pregnancy outcomes

30 April, 2019

Thermo Fisher Scientific has entered into a collaboration with NX Prenatal to develop proteomics assays to monitor foetal health in utero and assess the risk of adverse outcomes.

Alzheimer's detection in a simple blood test

25 April, 2019

Swedish scientists have shown how a blood test can reveal whether there is accelerating nerve cell damage in the brain.

Breath tests developed for gut disorders, gastric cancer

29 March, 2019

The humble breath test can now do a lot more than detect if you've had too much to drink, with scientists all over the world developing breath tests for gut-based diseases.

Diabetes detection with a smartphone camera

14 March, 2019

A popular smartphone application, designed to measure heart rate using the phone's built-in camera, may help detect diabetes.

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