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Methane-eating microbes found living in paperbark trees

14 April, 2021

Australian scientists have uncovered an unlikely microscopic ally in the battle to reduce the amount of methane gas in the atmosphere.

Beneficial bacteria can boost heat tolerance in wheat

09 April, 2021

Bacteria plucked from a desert plant could help crops survive heatwaves and protect the future of food, according to new research.

eDNA could be used to measure pollen levels

06 April, 2021

Autonomous airborne pollen samplers might help to provide a breath of fresh air for asthma and hay fever sufferers, according to researchers.

Mapping Zealandia: the 'hidden' eighth continent

31 March, 2021

The mostly submerged continent has New Zealand and New Caledonia rising from its depths and was only put on the map by geologists in 2014.

Northern summers may last nearly half the year by 2100

16 March, 2021

Without efforts to mitigate climate change, summers spanning nearly six months may become the new normal by 2100 in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sea level predicted to rise faster than previously thought

08 February, 2021

Researchers have constructed a new method of quantifying just how fast the sea will react to warming, finding that former predictions have been too conservative.

Mitigating climate change: it starts with better ocean data

21 January, 2021 by Ayesha Renyard

Climate change is accelerating at an alarming pace — and the impacts are hard to ignore. Let's take a look at some changes to our ocean.

Scientists forecast a "ghastly" future for the planet

18 January, 2021

The survival of all species — including ours — is being threatened by loss of biodiversity and accelerating climate change in the coming decades, scientists say.

Continents were weak, prone to destruction in their infancy

08 December, 2020

Mathematical modelling shows that continents remain weak and prone to destruction in their infancy, then progressively melt and differentiate to become stable continents.

Coral 'tumours' affect reproduction and growth

24 November, 2020

A tumour-like coral disease is prevalent in the reef systems around the Cocos Keeling Islands, affecting the coral's ability to reproduce and grow effectively.

Continued warming and wild weather: State of the Climate 2020

16 November, 2020

Continued warming of Australia's climate, an increase in extreme fire weather and rising sea levels are highlighted in the latest State of the Climate report.

500 m-tall coral reef discovered in Great Barrier Reef

09 November, 2020

Scientists have discovered what they claim is the first detached reef to be found in more than 120 years — and it's taller than some of the world's most prominent structures.

'Blueprint' to stabilise the Earth's climate released

24 September, 2020

Scientists have produced what they claim is the first comprehensive global-scale analysis of terrestrial areas essential for biodiversity and climate resilience.

Sea ice changes hold clues to controlling CO2 levels

04 September, 2020

Sea ice across the Southern Ocean played a crucial role in controlling atmospheric carbon dioxide levels during times of past climate change.

New international carbon dating standard

17 August, 2020

Radiocarbon dating is set to become more accurate after an international team of scientists recalculated the technique for assessing the age of historical events and objects.

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