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Wild yeasts may improve wine from warmer climates

11 December, 2018

Dr Ana Hranilovic has discovered that certain strains of naturally occurring yeasts have beneficial effects in wine production.

Genomics for Australian Plants Framework Initiative launched

07 December, 2018

Genome sequencing is providing significant genetic information for many of the world's plant species; however, more can be achieved through collaboration.

Agribusiness partnership to explore native medicinal plants

08 November, 2018

A new research and commercial partnership aims to explore the development of a sustainable agribusiness model for traditional medicinal plants growing in northern Australia.

'Atmospheric detergent' to be investigated in Antarctica

01 November, 2018

Scientists are preparing to build a temporary lab on an Antarctic ice sheet, to reveal how much a natural 'atmospheric detergent' cleans the air of harmful trace gases.

DNA detection of crown-of-thorns starfish to improve monitoring

21 September, 2018

The PCR-based method will improve monitoring and early detection of the reef pest, allowing reef managers to contain outbreaks sooner.

Scientists team up to help the Great Barrier Reef

22 August, 2018

Citizen scientists are taking part in Virtual Reef Diver, a project that is helping scientists and reef managers get a better picture of the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

Stomatal development

17 August, 2018 by Mansi Gandhi

Renowned international plant biologist Keiko Torii will present the Annals of Botany Lecture at ComBio2018, a major Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) conference.

Voyage to an underwater volcano

08 August, 2018 by Lauren Davis

An international team of scientists have returned from a once-in-a-lifetime expedition that took them 400 km north-east of New Zealand.

Plant science discovery could help develop treatments for genetic diseases

30 July, 2018

A newly discovered molecular mechanism of gene regulation could help develop treatment strategies for genetic diseases.

Complex pathways control the shape of plant cells

25 July, 2018

Professor Daniel Szymanski used the model plant Arabidopsis to analyse how intracellular signalling networks pattern cell walls to generate particular cell shapes and sizes.

A fresh look at microbes in the Murray River

11 July, 2018

Flinders University researchers have presented a new examination of river health with a fresh look at microbial distributions from Murray River water samples.

Australian Antarctic Science Council to be established

21 June, 2018

The federal government is creating an Australian Antarctic Science Council to revitalise science research, as well as boost Hobart's position as an Antarctic science hub.

Partnership to advance composites science

24 May, 2018

Deakin University and Vestas have teamed up to improve the compressive strength of carbon fibre composite materials for wind turbines.

Limiting global warming could preserve biodiversity

21 May, 2018 by Lauren Davis

Researchers are pushing for global warming to be limited to 1.5°C, claiming that such a limit could protect hundreds of thousands of insects, plants and animals.

Plants show unexpected response to elevated CO2

01 May, 2018

Plants are responding in unexpected ways to increased carbon dioxide in the air, reversing previously well-established patterns.

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