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Mussels could be used in surface engineering

18 July, 2019

The adhesive properties of mussels, and the possibility of their use in a wide range of surface engineering applications, have been detailed by US and Chinese researchers.

Gene discovery could help roots grow deeper

16 July, 2019

Researchers have discovered a gene that determines whether roots grow deep or shallow in the soil — and could be altered to help plants adapt to changing climates.

Does air pollution affect female fertility?

04 July, 2019

Ovarian reserve — a marker of potential female fertility based on the number of resting follicles in the ovary — has been found in a large-scale study to be adversely affected by high levels of air pollution.

Anticancer properties found in medicinal plants

28 May, 2019

The leaves of three Southeast Asian plants are effective in stopping the growth of seven types of cancer. Anticancer properties were also demonstrated in three other medicinal plants.

Pluto's atmosphere predicted to freeze over

15 May, 2019

Pluto's atmosphere is predicted to ultimately collapse and freeze over, according to almost three decades' worth of research from an international team of scientists.

Extent of human footprint on Antarctica revealed

07 May, 2019

More than half of all large ice-free coastal areas of Antarctica have now been disturbed by human activity.

Climate change may affect animal-to-human disease transfer

01 May, 2019

Researchers have been looking at how different environments provide opportunities for animal-to-human diseases to interact with and infect new host species, including humans.

Work begins on million-year ice core drill

26 April, 2019

The Australian Antarctic Program is leading an ambitious project to search for the Earth's longest continuous ice core climate record from deep inside an Antarctic ice sheet.

Antarctic mission to measure nature's air purifier

02 April, 2019 by Lauren Davis

Scientists spent the summer in a temporary lab set up on a remote Antarctic ice sheet, investigating a natural 'atmospheric detergent' that cleans the air of greenhouse gases.

Could subterranean microbes be found on Mars?

05 March, 2019

A robotic rover deployed in the most Mars-like environment on Earth, Chile's Atacama Desert, has recovered subsurface soil samples during a trial mission to find signs of life.

40% of insect species threatened with extinction

20 February, 2019 by Lauren Davis

A catastrophic threat exists to 40% of species over the next 100 years, with butterflies, moths, dragonflies, bees, ants and dung beetles most at risk.

Variable gene expression helps plants survive environmental change

04 February, 2019

Scientists discover how 'twin' plants with identical genes, grown in identical environments, continue to display unique characteristics all of their own.

New ocean species are evolving fastest in Antarctica

24 January, 2019

New research led by Museums Victoria has overturned previous theories about how the biodiversity of our oceans evolved.

Help stop the spread of marine pests this summer

22 January, 2019

More than two-thirds of water users are unaware of the threat posed by marine pests, according to a recent survey by Parks Victoria.

Bioherbicide approved to combat introduced weeds

17 January, 2019

The Di Bak Parkinsonia fungal bioherbicide has become the first woody weed bioherbicide to be granted federal regulatory approval.

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