Malvern OMNISEC size-exclusion chromatography for protein characterisation

Thursday, 01 August, 2019 | Supplied by: ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

Malvern’s OMNISEC is a gel permeation chromatography (GPC)/size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) system for the characterisation of proteins which enables the measurement of molecular weight, oligomeric state, aggregation and conjugation.

OMNISEC is a multidetector SEC system that combines refractive index, UV/Vis absorbance, light scattering (RALS/LALS) and viscometer detectors to measure concentration, molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity with high sensitivity. When combined with the multi-angle light scattering detector (Malvern SEC MALS 20), it enables the measurement of the molecular weight of each aggregated species, improving product understanding and supporting bio comparability studies.

The product offers high-quality light-scattering and refractive index sensitivity for measuring small protein quantities and low molecular weights, as low as 200 Da or injection masses of 100 ng. A self-balancing viscometer design with a user-exchangeable capillary bridge is designed to boost instrument productivity and cut lifetime costs by extending viscometer life, reducing instrument downtime and minimising maintenance requirements.

The autosampler allows zero injection volume overhead to prevent wastage of precious samples, and can cool fragile samples to 4°C to protect them from aggregation and degradation. Temperature control across the complete module, including the integrated detectors and inter-detector tubing, is further designed to ensure the reliability of every measurement. OMNISEC’s software is intuitive and displays multi-detector data in a clear way, making it easy to interpret and understand.

The system is available as a detector-only option, which can be connected to any third-party GPC/SEC system. Alternatively, it forms part of a complete OMNISEC GPC/SEC system.

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