Biotage Extrahera SLE and SPE automation system

Friday, 03 October, 2014 | Supplied by: John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

The Biotage Extrahera is an automated system for the processing of supported liquid extraction (SLE) and solid-phase extraction (SPE) methods in both plate and column formats, making the system a flexible option for a wide variety of analytical laboratories.

The compact, 8-channel automation system can handle 96 and 48 fixed well plate formats and 1, 3 or 6 mL columns. The instrument has been designed for speed and flexibility and is capable of processing a complete 96-well plate SPE method in less than 30 min. The system comes pre-loaded with Biotage SPE and SLE methods for plates and columns, while new methods can be created in minutes; using the feature-rich software, operators are able to just press Start and walk away.

By automating SPE or SLE methods, the product removes workflow bottlenecks in the laboratory; the higher throughput lowers the cost per sample of analysis and enables skilled analysts to be redeployed to other, more demanding tasks, such as data analysis. Automation ensures that samples are prepared identically every time, regardless of the sample matrix, improving accuracy and precision of results. Samples can be being generated to feed an MS system as fast as the extraction method permits and as fast as an end user can provide suitable samples for extraction.

The system has minimal moving parts with easily accessible consumables and has been designed to minimise any potential cross-contamination. Using positive pressure during processing provides control and uniformity of flows across multiple columns and wells. The enclosed working area ensures operator safety and reduces exposure to solvents and hazardous compounds.

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