FMS PowerPrep SPE automated One Step Extraction and Concentration System

Monday, 11 April, 2011 | Supplied by: ALPE Pty Ltd

The PowerPrep SPE system replaces older techniques such as liquid-liquid extraction or LLE and automates existing manual SPE techniques. The PowerPrep SPE automated One Step Extraction and Concentration System is built by design to simplify, improve and increase productivity by automating the manual steps in a sample preparation process.

The PowerPrep SPE accepts all types of bottles and bottle cap sizes, eliminating the need for bottle cap adapters, and uses the bottles the samples were collected in with an automatic bottle rinse which ensures that the entire sample is delivered to the SPE cartridge.

Additionally, the FMS PowerPrep uses an HPLC pump to provide positive pressure pumping and can handle all standard formats of SPE cartridges and columns that are on the market.

FMS also has a range of pre-packed columns and cartridges. The pump can be programmed to deliver 1 to 100 mL/min and deliver up to six solvents with precise volume and flow rate for conditioning and elution. The vacuum pump is turned on only when needed and turned off on completion to conserve energy.

The PowerVap Concentrator system automatically senses the extract being delivered to the vessel and finishes at final volume. The PowerVap Concentration system is programmable to preheat and ramp up to final temperature when it senses extract being delivered to the concentration tube. Custom temperature ramps are possible for optimal recoveries using the DMS software.

The DMS software allows users to program the Total Sample Prep process and create multiple sample prep processes and combine these into one process for speed and hands-off operation.

The PowerPrep SPE system software allows users to program up to five different methods per module, letting users set up and run multiple methods per sequence, maximising the laboratory’s efficiency and performance.

The system provides one-step extraction, drying and concentration for the analysis of pesticides, PCBs, EPH, PAHs, TPH, herbicides, hormones, endocrine disruptors, personal care by-products, pharmaceutical by-products, EPA drinking water and wastewater methods. Typical industry matrices handled by the PowerPrep SPE system are agricultural, clinical, environmental, chemical products, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and natural products and petrochemical.

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