Refeyn KaritroMP macro mass photometer

Thursday, 07 December, 2023 | Supplied by: NewSpec Pty Ltd

Refeyn’s macro mass photometry platform, KaritroMP, is a benchtop instrument allowing for the characterisation of large viral vectors, including adenovirus vectors (AdVs) and lentivirus vectors (LVVs). Offering fast, simple and qualitative analysis, the product can inform the R&D of gene and cell therapies as well as vaccines.

Unlike classical mass photometry technology, the device utilises light scattering to measure both the size and contrast of single particles, allowing for large particles such as AdVs and LVVs to be characterised across two dimensions. Using these measurements, populations of similar size but with different masses can be resolved, enabling the analysis of the ratio of empty vs full AdV capsids, in addition to detection of any crude or degraded particles present. This provides essential data on viral vector characteristics, including stability, purity and quality. Consequently, this approach can streamline viral vector process development and optimisation, allowing users to easily and quickly compare different production and purification methods, and assess batch-to-batch variation.

The benchtop instrument takes just 6 min to analyse a sample, and can do so autonomously with up to 13 samples using integrated custom-built software. The semi-automated workflow requires a small amount of sample, and with quick preparation steps and straightforward operation, the operational efficiency of analytical processes can be increased.

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