Supelco Ascentis Express Peptide ES-C18 columns

Monday, 07 June, 2010 | Supplied by: Merck

Supelco Ascentis Express Peptide ES-C18 columns are a high-speed, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) column based on a 160 Å Fused-Core particle design. This column design exhibits very high column efficiency, providing a stable, reversed-phase packing with a pore structure and pore size that is optimised for reversed-phase HPLC separations of peptides and polypeptides.

Some key applications of the Ascentis Express Peptide ES-C18 for the bioseparations and analysis market include peptide mapping, natural and synthetic peptide analysis, and oligonucleotide analysis. This technology is the newest addition to the Ascentis Express product line, a family of HPLC columns designed to provide the analysis speed and resolving power of sub-2-micron columns with a 50% reduction in backpressure.

The columns were specifically engineered to separate higher molecular weight compounds such as peptides and small proteins. They contain advanced Fused-Core particles that have bigger pores (160 angstrom versus 90 angstrom in standard Ascentis Express), bonded with steric-protected C18 ligands to provide extra stability (ES) at low pH (<1) and high temperatures (up to 100°C), which greatly expands the application range for Ascentis Express columns. Furthermore, this C18 bonded phase offers method development analysts additional separation selectivity to complement the existing Ascentis Express C18, C8, RP-Amide and HILIC phases.

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