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Thursday, 01 October, 2020

Will you reach your planned destination?

Current global events may have delayed your plans or perhaps your business has not quite reached that next growth milestone. There could be many reasons why this may not be the right time to relocate your lab. However, if you’re thinking about how to advance your lab’s operations, it’s a great time to consider your next move. What do you need to be ready?

It’s easy to think of a move in terms of instruments or assets, but our relocation experts know problems can come from many unexpected sources. Does your new site have the right power supply for your assets and are the correct outlets near the instrument benches? Will your move allow for use of chemicals during pre-move testing and for set-up at the new facility? What if you need a few extra days of downtime to fix those issues?

From our studies, each day of downtime could cost $9,000 per instrument. This could quickly add up across a busy laboratory.

With an Agilent CrossLab Relocation Services project manager on site, you can rest easy and trust the experts. By serving thousands of customers, we are able to identify and resolve obstacles before they impact the move. This means a move for you that works out as planned.

Agilent CrossLab relocation services do more than just move lab equipment. We can deliver a complete lab relocation, a single instrument move, or anything in between. We make it easy, with a complete end-to-end process for moving everything in your lab, and our post-move performance guarantee on all assets.

Our seamless, scheduled instrument or laboratory relocations are delivered with minimal impact to lab operations and with reduced relocation costs. Our services include a dedicated project manager, contract management, asset services, chemicals and supplies, office space, and post-move inventory integration into your existing inventory systems.

  • We offer a stress-free lab or instrument move, enabled by project managers and end-to-end processes. Together, these ensure you stay informed on everything from start to finish without the heavy lifting.
  • We can move a single instrument across the hall, or relocate your entire lab across the world. Whatever the size of your move, Agilent has the expertise and capability to make it happen.
  • Downtime is minimized with thorough planning. We know that if your instruments are packed up, they aren't running. We plan your move to be quick and efficient, reducing lost revenue.
  • Reduced time management through a single point of contact, managed partners, and managed vendors. You tell us what needs to be moved, and we handle the rest. No matter how many staff or organizations it takes to make your relocation happen, our project manager is your sole contact.
  • Focus existing staff on management decisions, not packing materials and labeling.
  • Reduced audit risk using standardized protocols and providing PM, qualification services, and other add-on services to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Guaranteed post-move performance of all assets. This ensures everything in your lab is operating smoothly, so you can get back to work quickly.

Minimize disruption, maximize uptime. Tips for a stress-free move.

Whether you need to relocate a single instrument or your entire lab, across the hall or around the world, choosing Agilent should be your first move.

Moving is disruptive, and minimizing that downtime is a priority. With Agilent, you’ll have a single point of contact from start to finish, eliminating the hassles of multiple vendors and schedules. Our highly trained personnel have experience working with Agilent and non-Agilent systems, so all your equipment receives the care and consideration it deserves, all with minimal downtime.

And when we say all equipment, we mean more than just analytical instruments. We also move balances, titrators, glassware, freezers, samples, standards, reagents, hazardous materials, office equipment, computers, and much more.

Our experienced personnel handle every aspect of your move:

  • Relocation planning and documentation
  • Layout consultation for your new site
  • Deinstallation, reinstallation, and performance verification
  • Instrument requalification and compliance testing
  • Inventory management
  • Post-move documentation

Who we are and what we do

Whatever your lab needs, Agilent CrossLab is ready to partner with you to create new and transformative opportunities. Together, we’ll support your scientific and business goals with superior laboratory services, software, and consumable from Agilent. A direct connection to a global team of service experts delivers vital, actionable insights at every level of your lab.

Our solutions maximize performance, reduce complexity, and drive improved economic, operational, and measurable outcomes. And our innovative and comprehensive products generate immediate results and lasting impact.

How we help

Learn how Agilent delivered a quick and thorough relocation for flavor and fragrance producer Symrise. Minimal disruption and a quick return to full operation were delivered with complete satisfaction.

Customer Testimonial: Symrise Adia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

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