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Yild Technical Spaces Pty Ltd
Friday, 11 June, 2021

One of the biggest barriers to growth for Australia’s biotech sector is the simple lack of suitable lab space. So why not rent a lab? Well first you need to find or build the exact lab for your needs, and good labs don’t grow on trees.

The concept of fully-flexible and ready-to-go technical spaces that can be adapted to any scientific, clinical, or commercial use has been practically non-existent in Australia. Yes there are incubators, accelerators, and a number of various institutional and semi-government models in most large population centres in Australia. Such spaces resemble US-style incubators for start-ups and normally come with strings attached — seed funding in return for IP and/or shares, or other means of diluting ownership in return for a roof over the head and some bench space in a lab (often shared with other unrelated parties).

Now this works for some… but for many entities (particularly if established and mature), the sharing of IP and dilution of ownership is not an option, not necessary, and not an advantage to growth. For these the concept of having the perfect lab and cleanroom space on a purely commercial rental model is their only ask.

‘All we need is space’ is what we hear almost daily from this section of the market. They are looking for a facility where the entry costs are low, the overheads are fixed, the headaches of maintenance and building outgoings are taken care of, and most of all — the science belongs to them alone.

This is the ‘Yild’ model now operating in Sydney and soon to launch in other major centres in Australia. Yild Technical Spaces (Yild) was born in 2019 to bring fully serviced space within reach of pharma, diagnostics, environmental, food and beverage enterprises, to name just a few.

PC2 labs

Common area

Fume cupboard

The format of the Yild facility is a highly collaborative, multi-tenant environment, combining modern labs and cleanroom space, with hot desks, meeting rooms, kitchen, break-out areas, reception and goods in/out. The inaugural Yild facility in Sydney is a hub of thriving entities who have found the perfect space to innovate, collaborate and grow. As of today there are 6 companies who call the facility home.

Each enjoys the ideal combination of dedicated customised lab space, with the ability to collaborate with other Yild members outside the lab on a daily basis. Hani Nur, Director of HA Tech, a diagnostics and biotech company, has this to say:

“The Yild model was a really good find for us and has allowed our company to operate in a world-class space, without the expense and hassle of finding and fitting out our own lab. Within the first 12 months we outgrew our lab and moved to a larger lab within the same facility, which proves just how dynamic our needs, and how flexible Yild was to accommodate them.”

Hani Nur, Director of HA Tech

HA Tech team packing COVID test kits at Yild

When asked about other lab rental options, Hani adds:

“There is really nothing out there quite like Yild, which is simply dollars for serviced space. Joining an incubator type model had no advantage to us as we have the expertise, the funding, and the personnel. We just needed a place to be!”

So how does Yild customise each space and keep up with ever changing requirements of its clients? It’s about our people.

Yild is an agile private company whose key personnel are experienced in delivering top end PC2 labs and ISO grade cleanrooms, on time and on budget. Customised solutions are available including:

  • Fume cupboards
  • Biosafety cabinets
  • Lab gas storage and reticulation
  • Freezer rooms
  • Lab waste solutions
  • DG storage

Yild founder, Russell Urquhart, comments on the market response to Yild:

“The response to this model has been awesome. It is extremely rewarding to provide the perfect space for these cutting-edge companies who otherwise would have struggled to meet their needs. Now we have established a Sydney facility we are speaking with potential clients in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide… we really look forward to bringing Yild to these centres.”

Russell summarises the reason for Yild’s success:

“This is a partnership — you do science, we do space. We stick to that and things happen!”


Phone: Facility manager Celia Pineda +61 0447 156 953

Company website:

Top image: Yild Technical Spaces, Sydney

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