Union Biometrica BioSorter large particle flow cytometer

Friday, 12 March, 2010 | Supplied by: Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Union Biometrica BioSorter platform for shared equipment/core laboratories has been added to the COPAS large particle flow cytometers product line of four instruments, each dedicated to a specific size range.

The systems offer interchangeable flow cells to handle the complete 10-1500 micron size range in a single instrument. The BioSorter can analyse, sort and dispense objects that are too large or too fragile for traditional flow cytometers.

Typical samples include: small multicellular model organisms (C. elegans, D. melanogaster, Zebrafish); delicate large cells/cell clusters (adipocytes, embryoid bodies, pancreatic islets, duct cells, hepatocytes); seeds (Arabidopsis, tobacco); beads (cells growing in or on beads, combi-chem libraries, bead-based assays).

Samples are analysed one by one in a continuously flowing stream and can be sorted based on size, optical density and up to four fluorescent parameters.

Utilising the same patented soft-touch air-jet diverter technology, BioSorter can sort and dispense even fragile samples like adipocytes while maintaining their viability.

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