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Australasian Medical & Scientific Ltd

Australasian Medical & Scientific provide innovative solutions for food processors and laboratories. Our focus is on providing fast and reliable results backed up by outstanding customer service and techical support.

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Minerva Biolabs PCR Clean Wipes

PCR Clean Wipes are a ready-to-use wet wipe which is conveniently presented in a canister and stored at room temperature.

Minerva Biolabs Vegan Control kit

Vegan label claims can be supported using the Vegan Control kit, which detects meat and animal derivatives in food products.

PerkinElmer DA 6200 NIR analyser for meat products

Users can monitor incoming meats, in-process blends and finished products for fat, moisture and protein in seconds, not hours like traditional chemical methods.

Romer AgraQuant Lupin and AgraStrip Lupin

In the last few years, lupin ingestion has been recognised as a cause of allergic reactions in some individuals. Two allergen detection kits from Romer are now available.

Invisible Sentinel Veriflow Legionella same-day test

Veriflow Legionella from Invisible Sentinel is a molecular detection method that returns results in around 4 h.

Nasco Sterile Gloves

Nasco Sterile Gloves are packaged one pair to a sealed bag that is perforated for easy opening.

Invisible Sentinel Veriflow Campy Q same-day test for Campylobacter

Veriflow Campy Q from Invisible Sentinel requires only 10 min sample preparation time and provides quantitative Campylobacter species results in around 3 h.

Page and Pederson LactiCyte somatic cell counting in milk

The LactiCyte from Page and Pederson provides somatic cell counts for fresh and preserved cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk in a test time of less than 60 s.

BioControl Systems Assurance GDS Cronobacter test

The Assurance GDS (Genetic Detection System) offers a Cronobacter species result in 26 h for infant formula, powdered milk and environmental samples.

Invisible Sentinel Veriflow ACB same-day Alicyclobacillus test

Veriflow ACB is a method for rapid detection of Alicyclobacillus.

NiGK CryoMark thermal indicator

Many types of goods, including food, pharmaceuticals and chemical reagents, must be kept cold while in storage and transit. CryoMark is a disposable chemical indicator that can be included in every cold shipment.

Romer AgraStrip Soy kit

With the launch of the improved Romer AgraStrip Soy kit, the total assay time of the product's lateral flow device is reduced to 11 min while maintaining high standards of analytical accuracy. In addition, an extraction reagent will allow for the recovery of processed soy protein.

TSC UK Pre-Moist Hygiene Swab

The Pre-Moist Hygiene Swab from TSC UK contains enough diluent to moisten the tip for the user's convenience and comes in its own self-sealing tube. The user can simply take the swab sample and return it to the tube ready for immediate testing or transport to an external laboratory.

TSC Hygiene Sponge for microbiological sampling

While most microbiological sampling is done with a traditional swab, the only way to really look at large areas is with a sponge swab. The Hygiene Sponge from TSC comes with a reversible bag, which eliminates the need for using sterile gloves.

Inlabtec Serial Dilution System

The Inlabtec Serial Dilution System automates the traditionally labour-intensive process of serial dilution and replaces glass tubes with single-use sterile bags.

GDMS Micro Plate Read microplate analyser

The Micro Plate Read is a user-friendly microplate analyser which is designed to measure and interpret in-vitro enzyme immunoassay results. The device can read an entire plate within seconds. 

Romer AgraStrip for Total Milk

Previously, to test for the presence of milk allergens, one had to decide whether to look for casein or Beta-lactoglobulin as an indicator for allergenic residues. With the AgraStrip Total Milk, the user can test for both at the same time.

BioControl MVP ICON HACCP and hygiene monitoring platform

BioControl has released the Lightning MVP ICON, an instrument and software platform that combines HACCP and hygiene monitoring with powerful program management capabilities.

AMSL Stand Up Bag

The AMSL Stand Up Bag is a suitable alternative to hard plastic specimen jars, beakers and bottles. They can be used for sample collection, transport and testing.

AMSL Stand Up Sample Bags

Stand Up Sample Bags store flat and, when ready for use, the special gusseted bottom flattens out, allowing the bag to stand up without the need for a rack or holder.

Nasco Pipette Filter Sleeve

Particulates in a liquid sample can be a problem for several reasons, such as clogging pipette tips, or interfering with the user’s sample analysis. The Nasco Pipette Filter Sleeve overcomes these problems by fitting over a standard 10 mL pipette and extracting the sample through a 330 µ polyethylene filter.

AiM GmbH Farm Set For Beginners test kit for antibiotics in milk

With the Farm Set For Beginners from AiM GmbH, milk producers can carry out tests for inhibitors themselves on the farm at any time.

Milk Guard Residue Kit for beta-lactams

Rapid testing for the presence of beta-lactam antibiotics is a requirement for dairies of all sizes in Australia. The Milk Guard Residue Kit for beta-lactams provides a result in 10 minutes and does not require any equipment.

Romer Labs AgraStrip Gluten G12 and AgraQuant Gluten G12 test kits

Romer Labs has launched two test kits for gluten. The AgraStrip Gluten G12 is a lateral flow device for onsite factory testing and the AgraQuant Gluten G12 is an ELISA for quantitative testing in the laboratory.

Romer Labs peanut, gluten, milk, tree nuts, egg and soy allergen test kits

Sources of allergens in finished food products can be from raw materials, cross contamination from other products made on the same equipment, or transferred from elsewhere in the manufacturing plant. The ability to test at all levels, both raw and finished goods as well as the plant environment, is an important tool in prevention of contaminated product.

Pre-filled microbiological sampling devices

NRS II Transwab Sampling Devices are suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The range of pre-filled sampling devices features a choice of fill volume and diluent formulation.

Environmental Listeria testing

An effective Listeria monitoring program can be inhibited by the cost and complexity of the available tests, or by the need to send samples out to an external laboratory. One way to help manage the costs and provide faster feedback is to use an easy, low-cost test that can be used in house.

Pre-filled sampling devices

NRS II Transwab is a range of pre-filled sampling devices with a choice of fill volume and diluent formulation.

Real time total viable counts

The RBD 3000 is an automated, rapid microbial detection and enumeration system that is suitable for use by the food, pharmaceutical, environmental and personal care products industries. The test system can give users a total viable count in minutes instead of days, with sensitivity between 101 to 106 cfu/mL.

Listeria and Salmonella testing

The Listeria Isolation Transwab is a simple screening tool for the detection of Listeria contamination. The test is self-contained, with an easily seen colour change providing the yes-or-no answer within 48 hours. Swab samples can be collected from the environment, such as work surfaces, walls, pipes, drains and personnel, and also from the foodstuff itself.

Hygiene monitoring system

The lightning MVP Hygiene Monitoring System uses one instrument platform to collect, analyse and report data from multiple quality indicators including ATP, temperature and pH. Test results stored in the Lightning MVP unit may be easily downloaded to a personal computer for trending analysis using the TRAX software.



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