Sartorius BIOSTAT STR Generation 3 bioreactor with BIOBRAIN automation platform

11 March, 2020 | Sartorius Australia Pty Ltd

Engineered to address the rigorous requirements and complexity of biologics manufacture, Sartorius's BIOSTAT STR Generation 3 bioreactor is a robust industrial platform consisting of hardware, software and consumables for single-use process development and commercial biomanufacturing.

Bitplane Imaris 9.5 image analysis software for life science

10 March, 2020 | SciTech Pty Ltd

Bitplane Imaris 9.5 is a software solution for correlative microscopy, enabling the possibility of opening multiple 2D, 3D or 4D datasets of differing spatial and temporal resolutions in the same scene.

Thermo Scientific SureTect PCR Assays for foodborne pathogen analysis

09 March, 2020 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The PCR assay workflow includes enrichment media, ready-to-use PCR reagents and protocols, and instrumentation for sample preparation and PCR, as well as easy-to-use software for instant result interpretation.

Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3 CDS software

06 March, 2020 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Laboratory scientists and IT experts in industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical fields are expected to benefit from improved productivity and reduced system administration costs with enterprise chromatography data system (CDS) software that can leverage cloud technology to standardise systems for increased connectivity, flexibility and security.

Merck LANEXO System for digital laboratory informatics

05 March, 2020 | Merck

Merck's LANEXO System is a digital laboratory informatics solution designed to reduce time in labs and improve data quality and traceability.

Thermo Scientific Vanquish Core HPLC System

04 March, 2020 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Pharmaceutical, food and industrial laboratories can optimise their routine testing and quality control (QC) workflows with the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Core HPLC System, designed to deliver instrument uptime and precision for any operator regardless of experience.

NMI WebTimer

03 March, 2020 | National Measurement Institute

The WebTimer is a simple and convenient service which can be used to make time interval measurements that are traceable to the Australian primary standard for time.

Adam Equipment Luna lab balances

02 March, 2020 | Adam Equipment Inc

Adam Equipment's Luna lab balances are available in both analytical and precision models. They offer a wide variety of applications for everyday lab use.

Lovibond MD 610 multiparameter water testing photometer

01 March, 2020 | Labtek

The MD 610 is a modern, mobile photometer for rapid water testing. Measuring over 120 pre-programmed parameters in one photometer, with a range of reagents available in powder packs, tablets or liquid form, the product should suit the majority of applications in the water testing industry.

Liebherr Laboratory Freezer

01 March, 2020 | Andi-Co Australia

The 1361-litre Laboratory Freezer with electronic controller (LGPv 6520) is designed to offer safe cold storage for critical samples and reagents in PC2 facilities.

Malvern NanoSight NS300 for counting, sizing and visualising individual nanoparticles

01 March, 2020 | ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

Malvern NanoSight NS300 employs the technique of Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) to visualise, size and count individual nanoparticles in a liquid suspension in real time, with the feature of direct visualisation of the suspension designed to give the user extra confidence.

LIEBHERR Spark-free Laboratory Refrigerator and Freezers for highly explosive and flammable substances

01 March, 2020 | Andi-Co Australia

LIEBHERR has designed and manufactured purpose-built laboratory refrigerators and freezers with spark-free interiors to eliminate ignition sources inside the unit, and ensure the safe storage of highly explosive and flammable substances in sealed containers.

Adam Equipment Solis laboratory balances

01 March, 2020 | Adam Equipment Inc

The range of Solis laboratory balances includes semi-micro, analytical and precision models that combine intuitive operation with acute precision for complex weighing tasks.

Photometrics Kinetix ultrafast 10 MP, 400 fps sCMOS camera

01 March, 2020 | SciTech Pty Ltd

The Photometrics Kinetix back-illuminated sCMOS camera combines 95% quantum efficiency with a low 1.2 e- read noise to deliver a sensitive sCMOS camera at over 400 fps.

PerkinElmer JANUS G3 BioTX automating protein purification

01 March, 2020 | PerkinElmer Pty Ltd

The JANUS G3 BioTx automated workstations deliver consistent small-scale protein purification and sample prep for protein characterisation needed to support quality by design experimentation in both upstream and downstream processes.

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