Illumina NextSeq 1000 and NextSeq 2000 Sequencing Systems

15 January, 2020 | Illumina Australia Pty Ltd

Illumina has announced the NextSeq 1000 and NextSeq 2000 Sequencing Systems — offering clever system design, chemistry innovations and on-instrument integrated informatics for rapid secondary analysis in as little as 2 h.

Restek Resprep PLR SPE products

14 January, 2020 | Leco Australia Pty Ltd

Laboratory professionals can simultaneously remove phospholipids and proteins in a single, simple procedure with Resprep PLR (phospholipid removal) SPE products.

Greiner Bio-One NanoShuttle-PL for magnetic 3D cell culture

13 January, 2020 | Interpath Services Pty Ltd

The core technology of Greiner Bio-One's magnetic 3D cell culture is the magnetisation of cells with NanoShuttle-PL. The cells can be aggregated with magnetic forces, either by levitation or printing, to form structurally and biologically representative 3D models in vitro.

VEGA VEGABAR pressure sensors and VEGAPOINT level switches

08 January, 2020 | VEGA Australia Pty Ltd

VEGA's measurement portfolio for pharmaceuticals production now includes the VEGABAR pressure switches/sensors and VEGAPOINT level switches. The measuring instruments are tailored to standard applications that require high quality.

JRI MySirius IoT laboratory temperature monitoring solution

01 January, 2020 | Butler Techsense

MySirius is a cloud-based service from JRI that coordinates the collection of sensor data to the cloud and enables users to receive alarms via SMS and email, no matter where they are.

IKA Oven 125 control dry

01 January, 2020 | Labtek

IKA's versatile 125 L oven is suitable for temperature regulation, drying, ageing and heating tasks for industrial laboratories, schools, universities, quality control or general scientific applications.

CellBox for temperature- and CO2-controlled live cell transport

01 January, 2020 | ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

CellBox is said to be the first portable CO2 incubator that enables safe shipping of intact cell/tissue constructs from one facility to another.

TA Instruments Nano DSC for biological thermal stability

01 January, 2020 | TA Instruments

The Nano DSC is a powerful thermal scanning instrument that utilises a 300 µL capillary cell design and solid-state thermoelectric temperature control.

ACEA Biosciences xCELLigence RTCA eSight

01 January, 2020 | ELITech Australia & New Zealand

The xCELLigence RTCA eSight is a versatile system that combines the power of ACEA Biosciences' label-free xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analysis technology with the benefits of live cell imaging in three colours: red, green and blue.

EpiQuik m6A RNA Methylation Quantification Kit (Colorimetric)

23 December, 2019 | Sapphire Bioscience

EpiGentek's EpiQuik m6A RNA Methylation Quantification Kit (Colorimetric) is a complete set of optimised buffers and reagents for the quantification of N6-methyladenosine (m6A or 6mA) in RNA.

Shenandoah animal-free cytokines

20 December, 2019 | Sapphire Bioscience

Animal-free proteins are suitable for researchers concerned about the ever-present risk of contaminating human proteins of trace growth factors from foetal bovine serum (FBS) and animal-derived ingredients typically used in standard recombinant protein production techniques.

BioVision Isoniazid (INH) ELISA kit

19 December, 2019 | Sapphire Bioscience

BioVision's INH ELISA kit is a competitive-based ELISA that can quickly determine a broad range of isoniazid concentrations in human serum samples.

TA Instruments Affinity ITC for label-free binding analysis

18 December, 2019 | TA Instruments

The Affinity ITC is an isothermal power compensation instrument that provides optimal enthalpy measurement with advanced active heating and cooling temperature control.

HEMCO CleanAire II Ductless Hoods

16 December, 2019 | HEMCO Corporation

HEMCO's CleanAire II Ductless Hoods feature a built-in carbon filtration system to adsorb non-toxic fumes and odours. They are equipped with an integral blower, vapour-proof light, fan and light switches.

Air Science Safekeeper forensic evidence drying cabinets

11 December, 2019 | LAF Technologies Pty Ltd

The Safekeeper series of forensic evidence drying cabinets, from Air Science, are designed to store, dry or otherwise process forensic evidence in the controlled environment of a tamper-resistant chamber to maintain the chain of custody.

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