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IKM Instrutek TC65 portable dry block temperature calibrator

01 May, 2022

IKM Instrutek's TC65 calibrator features a touch display and an extended calibration interval of up to three years.

In-house humidity calibration: what are your options?

01 April, 2022

If you regularly use a large number of humidity probes, relative humidity transmitters or hand-held humidity meters, you will understand the importance of regular calibrations to ensure confidence in your measurements.

Beamex ePG electrical pressure generator

14 December, 2021

Beamex has expanded its PG pump family with the Beamex ePG, an electrical pressure pump for industrial pressure calibration applications.

ALA Scientific BrainDancer fMRI calibration system for brain imaging

11 August, 2021

The BrainDancer by ALA Scientific is a commercial-grade dynamic phantom, designed to identify and correct systematic scanner-induced noise.

Biosensor to detect gluten quickly and efficiently

07 June, 2021

Spanish researchers have developed a new device that enables the fast detection of gluten through a simple signalling process.

Michell Instruments HygroCal 100 and Optidew 401 package for traceable humidity calibrations

01 June, 2021

The ability to perform traceable humidity calibrations of probes in-house is being brought within the reach of more users, with the help of a package offered by Michell Instruments.

Understanding measurement uncertainty

28 May, 2021

For any important measurement, it is essential to identify every source of uncertainty and to quantify the uncertainty introduced by each source.

Cell Biosciences service laboratory for microbial air samplers

24 November, 2020

Cell Biosciences is now able to service ORUM Microbial Air Samplers and ORUM Compressed Gas Microbial Systems in Australia.

Thermo Scientific MIC-6 Multi-Instrument Calibrator for leak detection and repair compliance

13 March, 2020

The Thermo Scientific MIC-6 Multi-Instrument Calibrator is designed to save time and improve accuracy of daily calibrations and drift assessments with electronic data capture for leak detection and repair (LDAR) compliance.

Lovibond MD 610 multiparameter water testing photometer

01 March, 2020

The MD 610 is a modern, mobile photometer for rapid water testing. Measuring over 120 pre-programmed parameters in one photometer, with a range of reagents available in powder packs, tablets or liquid form, the product should suit the majority of applications in the water testing industry.

Accurion active vibration isolation systems

17 September, 2019

Accurion provides sophisticated vibration reduction systems utilising active vibration isolation — the active compensation of disturbing vibrations by generating a counterforce.

Beamex CENTRiCAL workshop calibration test bench

28 June, 2019

The CENTRiCAL workshop calibration test bench is designed to combine ease of use, versatility and ergonomics for performing calibrations in a workshop.

Thermo Scientific Dioxin Analyzer

28 March, 2019

Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a workflow to address the complexity faced by scientists testing food and animal feeds for low levels of dioxins and 'dioxin-like' polychlorinated biphenyls (dl-PCBs).

TA Instruments ElectroForce DMA 3200

07 February, 2019

TA Instruments' ElectroForce DMA 3200 Dynamic Mechanical Analyser provides new capabilities for testing of physically larger and stiffer specimens, and over wider ranges of deformation.

Cayman Oxytocin ELISA Kit

31 January, 2019

The Cayman Oxytocin ELISA Kit is a competitive assay that can be used for quantification of oxytocin in plasma.

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