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Laboratory market transformation drives systems innovation

02 October, 2015 by Martin Wilkinson*

The fast-changing laboratory market is ripe for a new generation of information systems that meet the needs of a modern pathology environment.

Preview the InterSystems laboratory business management system

01 September, 2015

InterSystems has developed what it claims is the world's first laboratory business management system (LBMS), due for release in early 2016.

Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS

31 August, 2015

The Thermo Scientific SampleManager is a fully integrated laboratory platform encompassing a laboratory information management system (LIMS), scientific data management system (SDMS) and lab execution system (LES).

The drive for connected labs in pharmaceutical QA/QC

30 June, 2015 by Trish Meek, Director of Product Strategy, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Few QA/QC labs still cling to the old paper-based notebook systems of the past, but there's far more to becoming a paperless lab than simply eschewing paper.

Thermo Scientific SampleManager 11 LIMS

09 March, 2015

SampleManager 11 puts decision-making power in the hands of users who can make logical choices about workflow, instrument integration and data reporting for management metrics or regulatory requirements.

LTech Lims1 laboratory information management system

19 September, 2014

Lims1 is an easy and flexible laboratory information management system. The fully integrated system takes care of all data requirements including sample registration, allocation of testing, result entry, data acquisition from instruments and external sources, approvals and reporting.

Mettler Toledo LabX laboratory software platform

06 July, 2014

The LabX software platform, from Mettler Toledo, supports balances, melting point instruments, Quantos weighing solutions, density meters, refractometers and now titration. The centrally managed software system controls several different instruments.

Thermo Scientific iAutomate online tool for automation platform configuration

24 January, 2014

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released its online automation system configuration tool, the Thermo Scientific iAutomate. As a self-serve, free-to-use tool, the product is designed to reduce the time associated with configuring and trialling an automation set-up.

Thermo Scientific Momentum 3.3 automation scheduling software

23 January, 2014

The Thermo Scientific Momentum 3.3 automation scheduling software offers features to facilitate set-up and streamline workflows. Designed to save valuable time, the software incorporates graphical system layout and an instrument integration suite within the runtime environment.

NHS Wales rolls out national LIMS program

16 January, 2014

NHS Wales has completed the first phase of the national rollout of InterSystems TrakCare Lab, a comprehensive, multidisciplinary laboratory information management system (LIMS). The product is designed to support modern laboratories that provide consolidated, comprehensive pathology services.

European Institute of Oncology implements Thermo Scientific LIMS for biobanks

04 November, 2013

The European Institute of Oncology (IEO), an Italy-based organisation committed to fighting cancer - particularly tumours of the breast, lung, prostate and bowel - has implemented a new laboratory information management system (LIMS) to more efficiently manage its biospecimen data.

GenoLogics Clarity Run Manager, Clarity Run Manager Plus and Clarity LIMS Silver for sequencing

24 October, 2013

Clarity Run Manager, Clarity Run Manager Plus and Clarity LIMS Silver are three cloud-based products from GenoLogics that provide next-generation sequencing, sample and workflow management.

Creating a more efficient lab management process for better customer services

17 October, 2013

Townsville City Council was keen to implement a laboratory information management system to create a more efficient process and better customer services. Their aims were to improve data quality, reduce time of manual data entry from instrumentation, reduce data transcription errors and improve business efficiency. And they have been successful.

So you’re thinking of buying a LIMS

15 August, 2013

A good laboratory information management system (LIMS) can make a huge improvement  to a laboratory’s productivity.

Micronic Track-IT sample management database

05 August, 2013

Track-IT is a laboratory sample management system (LSMS) that allows fast and efficient management of all samples and reagents within the laboratory. Web-based access allows each scientist in the lab to access and manage laboratory sample data and information quickly while making it available to the rest of the lab community.

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