Computing hardware/software

CAMAG visionCATS 2.2 HPTLC software

15 September, 2016 | Supplied by: Chromatech Scientific

CAMAG's visionCATS 2.2 software organises the workflow of high-performance thin layer chromatography, controls CAMAG's instruments and manages data.

An enhanced strategy for data integrity — the challenge

13 September, 2016 | Supplied by: Mettler-Toledo Ltd

As many organisations have discovered, workflows behind benchtop analytical instruments and the associated metadata are much more complex than just the transfer of a few parameters.

Mettler-Toledo LabX data handling software

08 September, 2016 | Supplied by: Mettler-Toledo Ltd

LabX is a ready-made, configurable system that drives workflow standard operating procedures (SOP) directly through the user's instruments.

The Wikipedia of blood cell types

05 August, 2016

Researchers from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute have developed an online database that maps the expression of the body's 20,000 genes in 54 different blood cell types.

Search for a Zika cure while you charge your device

25 May, 2016 | Supplied by: IBM Australia Limited

Anyone with a computer or Android device can volunteer to join the OpenZika project — and you don't need to provide time, expertise or money to help.

Media Cybernetics Image-Pro Premier v9.2 2D image analysis software

23 May, 2016 | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

Image-Pro Premier, by Media Cybernetics, is a 2D image analysis software package that offers intuitive tools that make it easy to capture, process, count, measure, analyse and share images and data.

Accelerating development of a single-molecule localisation and tracking technique

29 April, 2016 by Maged F Serag* | Supplied by: MathWorks Australia

Single-molecule localisation and tracking (SMLT) is a technique for characterising the motion of individual molecules.

Automating the blood stock supply chain

26 April, 2016 | Supplied by: InterSystems Corporation (Australia)

InterSystems has announced an agreement to interface TrakCare, its unified healthcare information system, to the Australian National Blood Authority's BloodNet ordering and inventory management system, thus automating the ordering and distribution of blood products to TrakCare Lab users.

MathWorks Release 2016a MATLAB and Simulink product families

22 March, 2016 | Supplied by: MathWorks Australia

MathWorks has introduced Release 2016a (R2016a) of its MATLAB and Simulink product families. The release includes the MATLAB Live Editor, which offers the ability to write, run and modify code in a single interactive environment to accelerate exploratory analysis, and App Designer, an environment that simplifies the process of building MATLAB apps.

Big data to advance personalised medicine

04 March, 2016

A five-year research project into personalised medicine for common diseases has been awarded $7 million by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

A bioinformatics platform for managing biospecimens

01 March, 2016 | Supplied by: AXT Pty Ltd

The Lewin-Cameron laboratory recently commissioned and installed OpenSpecimen, a bioinformatics platform for managing biospecimens inventories.

Project Success Toolkit for Microsoft Project

23 February, 2016 | Supplied by: Project Success, Inc.

The Project Success Toolkit is an add-on for the project management software Microsoft Project. The toolkit is said to improve the functionality of any off-the-shelf version and allows the user to easily utilise the full range of the software.

Aunir AusScan Online soybean meal analysis

12 February, 2016 | Supplied by: Aunir

AusScan Online has expanded its offering by adding eight more parameters to its total and standard ileal digestible (SID) amino acid product for soybean meal analysis.

Blackrock Microsystem CerePlex Direct neuroscience data acquistion system

03 February, 2016 | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

CerePlex Direct is Blackrock Microsystem's easy-to-use direct digital recording data acquisition system for neuroscience research.

PerkinElmer Operetta CLS high-content analysis system

29 January, 2016 | Supplied by: PerkinElmer Pty Ltd

The Operetta CLS system combines speed and sensitivity with powerful and intuitive data analysis.

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