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Camfil CamContain CS filter housings

01 July, 2024

CamContain CS filter housings are designed to ensure maximum safety and protection for operators, laboratory employees and the environment.

Camfil CleanSeal Extract Return Air Housing

01 June, 2024

The Camfil CleanSeal Extract Return Air Housing is designed for efficient air filtration systems. The HEPA filter terminal housing features tool-less filter clamping, enabling a secure and quick installation process.

Camfil Megalam Prosafe filters

01 March, 2024

The filters are used for installation within terminal housings, cleanroom ceilings and laminar airflow benches.

Research shows that air filters don't stop you getting sick

27 November, 2023

Air filtration systems do not appear to reduce your risk of picking up viral infections, according to new research into technologies including air filtration, germicidal lights and ionisers.

Camfil Absolute V air filters

09 November, 2023

Camfil Absolute V-shaped air filters provide extra-high-efficiency final filtration in air-conditioning systems, housings and diffusers for systems that require a very high airflow and low pressure drop.

Camfil Hi-Flo Next Generation Bag Filters

01 August, 2023

The bag filter features conical pockets and a developed seam design and stitching technique that distributes air over the entire filter surface, maximising the use of the filter media.

HEMCO Stainless Steel Island Canopy Hoods

08 March, 2023

HEMCO's Stainless Steel Island Canopy Hoods are designed to collect and exhaust corrosive vapours, soldering operations, heat, steam and odours when mounted over areas with water baths, hot plates or portable equipment.

GAMA Healthcare Rediair HEPA 14 air purifier

21 March, 2022

When used in conjunction with other safety measures, the HEPA 14 air purifier can reduce the transmission of harmful particles such as aerosols, bushfire smoke, pollen, dust, paint, bacteria and even SARS-CoV-2.

HEMCO CleanAire Filtration Module

08 February, 2022

HEMCO's CleanAire Filtration Module is engineered to meet current requirements to prevent infection efficiently and effectively.

Camfil AirCair air filtration audits for life science facilities

01 October, 2021

Camfil Australia's site service team can provide pharmaceutical or life science facilities with obligation-free air filtration audits to help meet relevant industry standards and identify potential operational cost savings.

Not All Biosafety Cabinets Are Created Equally

01 October, 2021 by Marion Weimar

Brand new to the market, the Thermo Scientific Herasafe 2025 model adheres to what Peter Bigelow calls the "four Cs of BSCs": containment, comfort, convenience, and cost.

Thermo Scientific Herasafe 2025 Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC)

08 September, 2021

The Thermo Scientific Herasafe 2025 BSC was designed to meet the sample and user protection requirements of bioprocessing, clinical diagnostic and biopharmaceutical laboratories.

Coy Anaerobic Chambers

01 July, 2021

Used for over 40 years in anaerobic microbiology research, these units are also critical to many other research areas such as protein purification, clinical microbiology, biochemistry, cell culture, human microbiome studies, biofules and more.

Camfil CamContain CS HEPA filter containment housings

01 June, 2021

The Camfil CamContain CS is a fully customisable safe-change HEPA filter containment housing designed specifically for pharmaceutical, biotechnological, nuclear or BSL-3/BSL-4 facilities seeking high performance within critical applications.

Mobile HEPA Air Cleaners for the Life Science Industry

01 May, 2021

Camfil air cleaners are designed to supplement the HVAC system to not only protect people, products and processes but also to reduce energy consumption.

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