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TENAK SlimTube cryotube

30 September, 2016

The SlimTube is only 12 mm in diameter, allowing the storage of 100 tubes in a 10 x 10 array in a standard cryobox while retaining the external thread to ensure no sample contamination.

Air condenser saves university millions of litres of water

09 September, 2016

Air condensers from Radleys have helped win a prestigious conservation award for the University of California, San Diego, with the university saving an estimated 5.7 million litres of water following their installation.

Asynt CondenSyn Mini air condenser

09 August, 2016

Asynt has introduced the CondenSyn Mini — a high-performance air condenser optimised for small-scale synthetic chemical reactions performed in 5, 10 and 25 mL flasks.

Kartell Imhoff sedimentation cone and stand

19 May, 2016

Kartell manufactures Imhoff sedimentation cones for the analysis of settleable solids in water. The cones are made crystal clear with permanently mounded graduations.

Asynt ReactoMate Controlled Laboratory Reactor with Mettler-Toledo RX-10 automation system

29 April, 2016

The Mettler-Toledo RX-10 automation system provides an interface connecting any type and volume of Asynt ReactoMate CLR to circulating thermostats, stirrer motors and sensors. This allows researchers precision automation, control and monitoring of chemical reactions and processes in the lab or kilo lab environment.

Greiner Bio-One CELLview dish

29 April, 2016

The Greiner CELLview glass bottom dish combines the convenience of a 35 mm disposable dish with the optical quality of glass, providing high-resolution microscopic images of in-vitro cultures.

Kartell PP and PMP TPX graduated beakers

07 December, 2015

Kartell manufactures a large range of graduated beakers in a variety of different plastics. They are available with plain-moulded or blue-printed graduations and are suitable for foodstuff.

Airwolf AXIOM 3D Printer

15 September, 2015

The Airwolf AXIOM 3D printer combines the versatility of printing in over 40 thermoplastic materials and a build volume of over 16,000 cm3 to offer a high-performance desktop 3D printer for manufacturing high-precision prototypes and custom functional parts.

Kartell trays

13 September, 2015

Labware manufacturer Kartell has released a series of trays, including deep PVC trays, high-impact PS trays and low-form, deep trays.

SCHOTT glass-ceramic range and technical glass tubing

04 September, 2015

SCHOTT has released the NEXTREMA glass-ceramic family for use in high-temperature applications, as well as tubing, rods and capillaries for various technical applications. Both product groups offer product developers special functionality and innovative design options.

Syrris Orb jacketed reactor system

17 August, 2015

Orb, a novel jacketed reactor system from Syrris, combines high-quality construction with user-friendly features and good performance for batch chemistry.

Synthetic plastics to prevent bacterial biofilms

10 July, 2015

SCU researcher Dr Lachlan Yee is investigating how to develop synthetic plastic surfaces that continuously generate nitric oxide to deter the formation of bacterial biofilms.

How to choose a magnifier or magnifying glass lens

25 May, 2015

Have you started a new hobby such as stamp collecting or coin collecting, or enjoy sewing and crafts? Are you struggling to see small things in detail, even with glasses?

Kartell hospital ware

19 May, 2015

Kartell has released a large collection of hospital wares, including invalid cups, sampling bottles for urine, kidney dishes and round bowls. The hospital wares are made to strict high-quality standards.

SSI 5 mL microcentrifuge tubes

14 May, 2015

SSI's 5 mL microcentrifuge tubes are produced from high-quality homopolymer polypropylene and have large writing areas. With an intermediate working and storage option, the tubes offer users flexibility.

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